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gaming furs

  1. Ardee_Raccoon

    A furry specific CS:GO hub.

    Haii haii! Let me quickly introduce myself, My name is Ardee and i'm very, very passionate about CS:GO. Lately i've been struggling to find people to play with and i thought why not mix the 2 things i love. Which is both CS and my furfriends! So my idea is to create a specific hub people can...
  2. GambleFur

    Looking for long term gaming community

    Hello, this is probably going to be a much larger post than I intend to, but here it goes. To sum this up before you continue reading, this is what I'm looking for; A European gaming community, small to medium sized in terms of members (not looking for a giant community hub with 1000s of...
  3. Cres Moon

    Looking for some people to play with

    I play on xbox one and only have two friends who actively get on but they only want to play Apex Legends. So I'm looking for some people who might want to play Squadrons, Pay Day 2, CoD MW, Killing Floor 2, Halo MCC, or War thunder My xbox gamer tag is Cres Moon
  4. J

    Ended account, ignore it, please!

    There is nothing in there! Ended account!
  5. J

    Ended account! Ignore it please!

    There is nothing in there! Ended account!
  6. Sarah Mikeller

    Looking for other furs to game with me and a friend

    Hey everyone. I'm new to the forums here, but a long time furry. I'm predominantly looking for a few others to join me and my close friend in playing games in the evenings and on my days off. Games we often play include but are not limited to: 7 Days to Die, Stardew Valley, Killing Floor 2...
  7. Wolf-Snipe

    Looking for UT 2k4 players

    Hi everyone, few days ago i bought myself Unreal Tournament 2004 on Steam and i kinda wish to play with some furs(especially duels but i'm keen for some team modes too). If someone is interested send PM, when i'll eventually give link for Steam or Discord Tag.
  8. Milkyway Arts

    $15 Icon Commissions and More - Feral and Anthro Designs

    Hey guys! I'm in a little bit of a tight spot and need help saving up money to get a plane ticket for my boyfriend, to come visit me. I've set up commissions and will be offering both profile pics and telegram stickers! All help is appreciated! Note: I don't do gore (a little bit of blood is...
  9. Chandraken

    Gamer Girl YCH

    Hi all! I am currently offering up this YCH gamer girl auction! Please go here to bid: www.furaffinity.net: GAMER GIRL YCH by Chandraken
  10. Wrought_Havoc

    PS3/PS4 Furs!

    Apparently the old Megathread for PS3/PS4 users was lost, (or at least, i can't seem to find it, or another one!), so i'm starting a new one! Be sure to: Post the games you play, your PSN ID, Platform, etc... I'm mainly looking for someone at least half-competent to play GTA V online with...
  11. A

    The Basement (General Gaming Thread)

    "Hey there!" Welcome to the basement. We got everything down here! PC gaming, console gaming and even retro gaming! We even have people that just watch other people game! So come join us; talk, share and play! "
  12. MGFerret

    The Division

    I just wanted to know if anyone is still playing, as I got it recently and have been trying to get into it (quite low lv atm). Does anyone wanna team up with me? I'm an experianced female gamer who plays casually (when i'm not working on art) and quite fancy playing somepoint this weekend...
  13. Its Maxx

    [Xbox One] Looking For Furry Friends c:

    Hey i'm Maxx or maxxypoo (idk its a nickname) I'm looking for furry friends on my new gamertag. I just started a fresh account so i dont have many friends at all and playing alone is boring :( my GAMERTAG is GayHuskyMaxx << Im fun. I have bo3, gta5, halo5, blackops 1, and moree. You can also...
  14. ItzRiley

    Clash of Clans and Clash Royale(mobile)

    Hi to all Furs out there. I know this isn't a PC or Console Game but I didn't know where else to put it so yea, hear me out. I created a clan in Clash of Clans and Clash Royale called ( SUPAW Furries!!) CR has a Star green shield badge and CoC has a green white flag. My goal(hopefully u guys can...
  15. Lea.Tigris

    Gaming/Art Discord Chat Room!

    I created it hoping to find more people to game with and chat with about various things, so I'm hoping you're all interested! It's nothing flashy or fancy, riddled with bots and !commands, but it's a server that always has someone on it keeping an eye on it and moderating. :) Discord Just a...