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  1. storytelleroftails

    What makes a TTRPG a furry rpg?

    There are many table top roleplaying games (TTRPG) that you can be other races, even mix in animal aspects and such. But are they really furry? If you were to play a ttrpg, what would be the top 3 things that stand out the most to you which would make it most certainly a furry game...
  2. Sodasats20

    Pokémon go: let’s be friends!

    For any of you Pokémon go players out there, here’s my code if you wanna be friends! 9662 6095 2082
  3. Ardee_Raccoon

    A furry specific CS:GO hub.

    Haii haii! Let me quickly introduce myself, My name is Ardee and i'm very, very passionate about CS:GO. Lately i've been struggling to find people to play with and i thought why not mix the 2 things i love. Which is both CS and my furfriends! So my idea is to create a specific hub people can...
  4. Nexus Cabler

    How much would 1 HP of damage be in real life?

    Let's say you have a standard 100 health, and you take 1 damage, and are left with 99. What examples would this be applied to real life? A hard slap to the face? A nasty bee sting? I'm not entirely sure, so let's figure out some reasonable and fun ideas.
  5. GambleFur

    Looking for long term gaming community

    Hello, this is probably going to be a much larger post than I intend to, but here it goes. To sum this up before you continue reading, this is what I'm looking for; A European gaming community, small to medium sized in terms of members (not looking for a giant community hub with 1000s of...
  6. TyraWadman

    Tyra's Gaemeing Rezoomeh

    Games that I currently have installed: Fortnite Phasmophobia [mic required] League of Legends [Urf Only] Elden Ring Warframe Valheim Games I will re-install in a heartbeat: Styx: Shards of Darkness Please consider the following before DM'ing Me: Casual gaming Mic is only required where it's...
  7. Lenago

    Any Nintendo Switch user or discord server

    Any Nintendo Switch users or discord group? With n64 games and Mario party it would be fun to find people to play with in the future
  8. Zehlua

    Looking to buy a new PC laptop- HELP!

    1. Looking to buy a new laptop with a touch screen and enough processing power and storage to run Sims 3, Sims 4, and all the animation and video editing projects I do. I have an external storage drive (2 TB) that I'll need to move into it. Needs a DVD/CD/CD-ROM Drive. 2. Related, what can I do...
  9. FoxWithAName

    E3 Watch-along

    Hi everyone! We are planning to make a watch-along of the upcoming E3 on our very new and very small Discord Server. Join us during the event to hang out, meet new people and talk a bit about everything that is going on in the gaming world. If you are interested of watching the online...
  10. Hound-of-chulainn

    VR Gaming

    Anybody play VR? I've played on my ex's PSVR and Vive for PC, but I've had my own headset for a while now. Looking to hear if anyone has fun stories, headset talk, or just game recommendations. :) Some games that I've found fun are Pistol Whip, which is like if someone made John Wick into a...
  11. Rexy


    Hewwo, My name is Rexy I just opened up a server it's brand new I was working with my boyfriend, Like a virtual Convention where people can hang out and have fun it is and will be a full SFW server. I wanted to have and help grow the community. It is a server discord server where the are vc...
  12. D

    Things in Video Games you Hate

    Discuss things in video games that you despise, such as missions, mechanics, leveling, gameplay, character aspects, etc.
  13. Tyll'a

    Starting a furry themed guild in SWTOR!

    I've been wanting to start a furry themed guild for a while now, and I finally decided to pull the trigger on that! This is on Star Forge server, Republic side. <Clan of Cathar> Is a small, new RP/PvE/Social guild! We have a guild ship and small conquest, we are looking for more like minded...
  14. Kai the Ferret Boi

    Heya :D

    Hello all. Names Kai. Been on FA since like 2012 but completely forgot their was a forum. They dont really advertise it on the site. Lol. Anyways, I am big into Gaming, Reading, anything with a story to tell and a universe to get lost into. I also love cooking and chilling. I am willing to try...
  15. Gravey D. Train

    I started posting gaming videos on my YT

    I decided to post meme edit gameplay of War Thunder on my channel for fun. I thought I'd share with you all incase you'd find it entertaining. Here's my most recent upload:
  16. Tatsuo chan

    Seeking long time Pokémon rp

    Hi! I'm looking for a Pokémon rp. I will NOT rp sex under any circumstances but anything else is totally allowed. I'm really fond of Pokémon battles and character development, battles are an absolute MUST. I can do lit and semi lit. The character I want to play is a Reshiram named Tatsuo. She...
  17. E

    A Streaming Furry Appears!

    Heyo! I am Eguzky (Or Akisohida, here on FA) and I'm getting back into streaming games after an forced hiatus for a year. Now the hiatus was not by choice: My sister, who was also my roommate, stopped paying her share of the rent. I was not informed (I usually dropped my own rent check off...
  18. S

    Beyond good and evil 2 Joinable factions

    I love beyond good and evil 2 space pirate idea but will it be good if Ubisoft decide to add Joinable factions to the game. I want to play as a hybrid that be a space pirate and also be apart of the bad guys with Jade
  19. S

    Is it possible that ffx/x2 get a remake?

    We all saw ff7R for ps4 but I'm not sure about ffx/ffx2 is it possible that ffx/x2 gets a remake?
  20. S

    It's a damn shame about dissidia nt

    Damn it I was hoping that dissidia nt has free roam but it don't unlike dissidia 012 this game has alot of free roam and a end game content. Dissidia nt is more focused exclusively for online gameplay I try the game it was fun but it wasn't like dissidia with classic tunes from classic final...