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  1. F

    Saints Row 2 help/questions (because YouTube is useless)

    So I bought Saints Row 2 on my xbox one. I want to know if co-op and multiplayer still work? And is there any way to port Gentlemen of the row mod to console using a USB or something? YouTube keeps giving me GTA and Saints row 3-4 videos when I searched saints row 2.
  2. Spartan-666

    2020 releases you're looking forward to

    Which game or games releasing this year are you looking forward to the most? Mine is Doom Eternal. Honorable mentions include: Halo Infinite, The Last of Us Part II, Cyberpunk 2077, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX, Destroy All Humans and Resident Evil 3.
  3. C

    Come Play CSGO With Me (At some point or another)

    Looking for new people to play with. If you are interested please contact me at Screechy#3703! I am very bored, if you couldn't already tell.
  4. Kryanari

    Artist new to the community.

    Hello! I launched this identity around August last year. I built a little following on Twitter and made a profile on DA. I got into Monster Girl art and that rose my curiosity to Anthro art. Then I found FA and now I'm here trying to make some friends, both artist and non-artist! Most of my art...
  5. J

    Ended account, ignore it, please!

    There is nothing in there! Ended account!
  6. Lunneus

    Pokemon Sword/Shield Trading Thread!

    I guess this is an okay place to put it? I'm not sure where else it'd go! I figured it'd be cool to do some trading over here, help people complete their dex as much as they can. So, post any trades you want or are looking for and then PM Link Code to each other so you don't get someone...
  7. J

    Ended account! Ignore it please!

    There is nothing in there! Ended account!
  8. Leocrit

    My Top 10 Favorite Wolfman in Gaming

    The first Furry Game Reviews in October, and i'm doing Werewolves this year, and there are a lot of werewolves and wolfman in gaming over the years. So which one is my favorite out of all of them? Watch the video to find out.
  9. Bluefiremark II

    League of legends anniversary

    Hey! So, i thought it'd be a good idea to start talking with people about all the new things, changes, etc. There's a LOT of information released today, if you don't know- either go look things up or ask me! I want to see what other people's opinions are on these mew announcements!
  10. Rap Daniel

    Funny moments in games

    My character stats in Smash 3DS at the time of typing Favorite character: Shulk Second favorite character: Mii Loneliest character: -- Smash Champ: Shulk Smash Sap: Shulk Slug Meister: Shulk Punching Bag: Shulk KO Kingpin: Shulk No-Defense Nelly: Shulk Disaster Master: Shulk
  11. KD142000

    Remaking the GTA series maps

    Hey, all! So, recently, I started remaking the GTA maps to be slightly more accurate to their real life counterparts. I'll post them in this thread when I'm done making them. I'll be adding both the original maps and my remakes with each post. Let me know what you think! You can also buy...
  12. trivean

    Xcom 2 Furry Mod?

    So I've been playing Xcom 2 for a long while. Modding it as well. I know it's an old game but still one of the best I've played. And with all the solider customization I have to ask: Are there any furry mods for it? I haven't seen any on Nexus and Steam. I would make one myself but I'm not the...
  13. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    Night in the Woods Dev

    kotaku.com: Night In The Woods Designer Alec Holowka Dies Alec Holowka has died, likely as the result of suicide. Having suffered from mood disorders, he hadn't always been the greatest person in the past. When some of that came to light, he caught a wave of backlash that compounded with...
  14. AnkhaBadonka

    (Commission) Selling: Urgently need commission work $10-65 please consider helping

    Need all the commission work I can get! Absolutely need to do some major repairs on my car, this has been very hard on me when I need to places to go and work (outside of FA). I'm willing to work with you and your satisfaction is my top priority! this is super important and slots are unlimited...
  15. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    Cities Skylines Megathread

    I decided I'd start a Cities Skylines general thread for everyone. Post your screens, strategies, anecdotes, and whatnot here. With any luck, this thread won't end in Country Roads!
  16. NovaKCT

    Paws Made Of Stars | YouTube Gaming Channel

    I currently have three videos up, and more to come, with Episode 2 of 8bitmmo, actually having my voice! It's a bit scratchy, because I have allergies right now, always happens about a week into school, and I would like all of you guys to check it out! I will be trying to find ways to make it...
  17. Arnak

    Diablo Rune ideas and general discussion

    To anyone who has or still plays Diablo III, what kind of abilities or rune ideas do you have. If you aren't here to make up runes or powers, then what are some of the things you love about the game.
  18. Sarah Mikeller

    Looking for other furs to game with me and a friend

    Hey everyone. I'm new to the forums here, but a long time furry. I'm predominantly looking for a few others to join me and my close friend in playing games in the evenings and on my days off. Games we often play include but are not limited to: 7 Days to Die, Stardew Valley, Killing Floor 2...
  19. SheppardKiller

    Humble Bundle Website Referral

    My friends, furries, and gamers alike, I found a website called Humble Bundle that sells games from various platforms to users, even those (like me) that are stuck on Chromebooks can try out as well, whether it's your favorite game from Steam, U-Play, or even the Epic Games store, you too can...
  20. Jaredthefox92

    Favorite Warhammer 40,000 race?

    I know, this should be for tabletop, but there's no tabletop gaming sub-forum. So, which race out of the Warhammer 40,000 universe do you like the most?