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  1. D

    Welcome to Paleolithic Camp

    What jobs do you see yourself doing?
  2. ReeseCapeesh

    I'd like to make some fur friends! ^^

    I want to make some friends so.... online is okay, if it's all that I've got, but it'd be super cool if some of you are local. ;w; I live in Sugar land, TX (greater Houston area) if anyone lives close by. I am an anime fan before a furry, and an artist before everything. :D I love music, its...
  3. Mariah

    Any San Bernardino, CA furs?

    Me and my boyfriend joined the fandom just a few months ago and we're looking to make some friends in our area and maybe even have meets and outings. We're a pretty chill couple, we like video games, gothic aesthetics, animals (obviously lol), rock/metal/industrial music, and being goofy. I'm an...