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gay art

  1. Eszieboo

    5k Followers on Twitter! Art Raffle! Win a drawing of your OC!

    Hello, fellow furry peps! I just passed 5k followers on Twitter, which calls for an art raffle! Participate in order to win a drawing of your OC. In order to participate in the raffle, head over to the tweet here and follow the rules: https://twitter.com/eszieboo/status.....PKW_WQRCX0MbLw I...
  2. C

    Hiring: ($150+) (TEMPORARILY CLOSED) Seeking superb male-centric artists for an NSFW commission (Full Body)

    Hi there. I have a character I use for role play that I need to commission artwork for. I will give details to anyone who PMs me, or sends me a note on my Furaffinity account, Tes95, but you are free to reply here if interested as well, I just discuss business privately. Basically, I am looking...
  3. Suri

    drawing live on Picarto

    Im drawing right now hope you like it :oops: Come to see me on! o_O https://picarto.tv/lordsuri6 o_O
  4. ShadetheRedWolf

    (Commission) Selling: Gay Commissions $10-$30+ nsfw/sfw

    Hey there guys! I just decided to streamline and improve my commission sheet a bit more, and slightly alter my prices. This is a new thread for that. I take commissions for $10-$30 base, and $5 for each additional character. You must be able to use paypal to pay for the commission. I...
  5. BlockwizardGaming

    I think we have a future private eye on our hands