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gay pride

  1. PaleoClipper

    SELLING: $5 Pride Flag themed adopts

    My first two Pride Month Adopts. - crossposted $5 each - paypal Fullsize is 3300x1892 and 92dpi Lines by Abietes on DA Color/Design by Me/PaleoClipper "They called me a fairy, so I became one. A beautiful one at that." . Pink Body- Gilbert. The first LGBT flag, and it was only those letters at...
  2. anonfoxer

    Survey Follow up/Results - We're all pretty queer.

    Heya! A while back I posted a survey on the forums, a quick little look into furries to answer the question, are furries all really gay? Well, here are the results, 116 responses later. The answer to the big question? Well, we're almost all certainly queer. Lets break down the gender...
  3. TaurenLove

    Bear Pride - newest work

    www.furaffinity.net: Bear Pride by Tauren_Love Had a lot of fun drawing this boy - he's going to end up in my apparel store on Esty (hopefully on Amazon Merch too if they accept the design - might be too borderline for Amazon - not sure). I'll update with links of people are keen when those...
  4. HopeTLioness

    YCH-Gay Pride $5

    Hello! I am doing YCH commissions for Pride Month! :D Commissions are $5, and there are two types of work. www.furaffinity.net: YCH-Gay Pride $5 by HopeTLioness -For anyone who would like to show off their pride! And www.furaffinity.net: YCH-Love-Gay Pride $5 by HopeTLioness -For couples! <3...
  5. lochsnesmonster

    Tessie's Art Pile

    Just felt like posting my art of my oc's more places Tessie is on the left, Elise is on the right, they're girlfriends <3 Tessie is a soft butch nerd who likes video games and warm sweaters and is rather happy go lucky and somewhat clumsy. And Elise is a goth femme who enjoys fashion and...
  6. AustinB

    Resist march

    Basically, tens of thousands of LGBTQ+ people will be showing up in L.A to resist against Trump. www.latimes.com: L.A. Pride parade morphs into #ResistMarch, with tens of thousands expected Thoughts? (Please keep it civil. I don't want this thread to get locked.)
  7. Doku

    Are you gay?

    My friend does not believe this fandom is predominantly gay. How ignorant! So I've made this poll to show him. Let's embrace our gayness, furfags!