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  1. M

    Art Raffle

    I don't know if this is where I can post this. I got recently 100 followers on Twitter, and I'm doing an art raffle, if any of you are interested in taking part of it, follow me on Twitter, and share and like the next post: It would be awesome if you take part of it and you may win! Thanks 4...
  2. Nudeus

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) ★ Speedpaints and monochrome! ★

    SPEEDPAINTS! [$55 base! +$40 per added characters] [based on complexity] Here is an style I am growing confident in, but because I am practicing, am selling for *+:。.。SPECIAL。.。:+* prices! In addition to special prices, these pieces will be completed quite quickly! ★I will happily draw...
  3. Sodasats20

    Looking for a gay romantic rp

    Just looking for someone to do a gay romantic relationship rp Dms is where itll happen Dm if interested
  4. Sodasats20

    Hey uh, I have a discord server under development, but pretty much done

    It’s basically just a fun place to hang out and talk There’s a vent channel, meme, media, not to mention nsfw channels of course No minors are allowed here, you’ll see more in the rules channel Come and have a g a y time! The g a y
  5. Eszieboo

    5k Followers on Twitter! Art Raffle! Win a drawing of your OC!

    Hello, fellow furry peps! I just passed 5k followers on Twitter, which calls for an art raffle! Participate in order to win a drawing of your OC. In order to participate in the raffle, head over to the tweet here and follow the rules: https://twitter.com/eszieboo/status.....PKW_WQRCX0MbLw I...
  6. sin_bio_wolf

    Request: Anyone willing to draw my two gay beans together as taurs?

    So I have this cute gay couple among my characters who both over time got taur versions and was wondering if anyone would be interested/willing in drawing them together in those forms <3 I'd share pics of them on here but ones to large to put in post and other has nipples showing so just links...
  7. Sodasats20

    The user above is hella gay

    Declare the user above you hella gay
  8. B

    A question about pride

    So I'm straight but my fursona is gay. Is it wrong to celebrate pride month with a character that doesn't reflect your own sexuality? I made my 'sona gay since he's a different gender from me and I wanted him to still be attracted to the same sex as I am. I recently got art of him wearing a...
  9. River_Draconia

    Post your Pride Month Art Here!

    Hellow Furry Fellows! Want to spotlight your pridey artistic contraptions -->any year is ok! Bring them on :D Anything LGBTQ+ related welcome. Remember to stick to forum rules. Keep it safe :cool:. My contribution: (Furry) Love wins
  10. S

    Happy Pride Month 2022!

    Happy Pride Month everyone! Please stay safe if y’all will be out and celebrating. I know there’s been a lot of backlash against our community in the recent months… but together we stand strong! Hate against our people will never win. Does anyone have plans to celebrate this month...
  11. shetaizettai

    MxM Anthro Rat

    I'm looking for an RP partner (18 or older) who is willing to play an athletic, sweaty, virile anthro rat with a high sex drive who is out of the closet. His partner (who I will be posting for) is a closeted rat who has a huge crush on said rat who sees him at the gym and can't help imagining...
  12. shetaizettai

    Macro MxM RP

    Anyone willing to RP as Frank from Osmosis Jones as a Giant who finds a tiny that causes the city to have kinky thoughts?
  13. D

    RP/Story- MxM, Exotic, Kink (Long term & 18+)

    Hi there, Is anyone interested in doing a MxM sex roleplay with with me? The story takes place at a beach side city where my character is a lifeguard by day and a masked stripper at night. Here's a reference to the character that I want to use use...
  14. Muttmutt

    Monster Lovers?

    Any other monster lovers up in here?
  15. J

    Living on a sail boat (romantic RP)

    Hello, this will be a longterm rp. i am a gay 23 year old fox name Jason. Story: We have been a couple for a few years. I just got a promotion at my company. With the promotion we are able to live where ever we want and we can finally buy a sailboat to live on the seas together. Romanic and...
  16. Horatio Husky

    Three Strikes And You're Out! | Comm

    Richard didn't expect his feelings for his gym buddy to grow as quickly as they did, and certainly not to the extent of the kinky relationship that he had in mind. I mean, chastity cages? Diapers? Sub/Dom play? A rough cop like him isn't into those kinds of things... or is he? Find out just...
  17. C

    Hiring: Character Reference Sheets (NSFW)

    Hi there, Longtime lurker on the main furaffinity here, looking to commission three (3) character sheets. It wouldn’t be immediately, I’m trying to gauge interest and prices so I can figure out a budget, so it might be three over a period of time or all at once in the coming months. I would be...
  18. Gioko Kun

    Mimikyu Fit

    I made this Mimikyu in flat colors, hope you like it guys! <3 Remember, commissions are open! You can Watch me on FA or follow me on twitter to see more of my work :3
  19. Gioko Kun

    Sexy Rillaboom!

    I decided to draw another pokemon! You can follow me on twitter and FA if you want n___n Also commissions are open :3
  20. Blu Dragoon

    Hiring: ($100+) Character Artist needed: Cute Deer Boy

    Hello, I'm looking to hire an artist to draw a character ref sheet of a cute and slightly feminine yet toned male Cervine. I'm looking for an artist that specifically specializes in cell-shading method that closely resembles Anime, and has a good understanding of colors. The ref sheet will...