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  1. K

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Hot Chocolate YCH $30-50

    Any gender, any species! Mug, hat, scarf, and sweater patterns are all customizable. $30 for flat color or $50 for full color, 5x7 in 300 dpi file. To reserve a slot, please leave a ref in a message and payment via paypal. Original: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/50066436/
  2. Just_A_Tundra

    What is this called...?

    So, First, I don't know if this is the right section to put this... So, I have a character named Rosalie Coffon, and there are a few pics of her in my gallery. The thing is that I am having one heck of a time pinning down what her gender actually is. Heres the deal.... Rosalie was born with...
  3. D

    "Gender bending"

    I play video games now and then, and have fallen in love with a lot of characters, one in particular I felt really into was Athena from the Borderlands games. She is essentially a gladiator class melee fighter with a cybernetic sword and shield, and capable of lighting and fire powers. So...
  4. Axleonder

    We brag up a woman's hobby. She attacks us for it.

    This is what happens when you do a hangout video, spelling the difference in the way society teats men and women for their hobbies. We reference this Victorian-era "dress-up" channel, priorattire—saying nothing but kind things to her—and she finds out about us, and attacks us, with her merry...
  5. Beetle the Minty Dragon

    Gender Help for Sona

    I made art of a fursona that I've been thinking of for a while. Their name is Nettle! But, I can't figure out what their gender would be. Any suggestions?
  6. A

    Gender Poll

    Hey all! I'm still quite new here,and I thought this poll would give me some valuable insight into the fandom. If I need to change or add some options in the poll,please let me know!
  7. FluffyShutterbug

    Any Other Nonbinary Furs Around Here?

    Just a little curious. I'm a nonbinary foxxo (meaning that I identify as a gender that's neither male nor female). Are there any others here who are like me?
  8. R

    Any Non-Binary/Genderless furs? and if so What kinds of Clothing can you wear to express yourself?

    hello! i was wondering if there was any other furs out there who identify as non-binary/Genderless? I am! And if so i'd like to ask, What kinds of clothing styles, or clothing do you wear to express your identity? I'm having a hard time finding things to wear to look how i identify as. Have an...
  9. foxpawmcfly

    New FA Genders undid all my previous submissions

    Firstly, I'm very glad to see that FA has added more options to the submission categories. However, since most of my 1000+ submissions were labeled as "Transgender", and that option was removed and replaced with "Transgender (Male)" and "Transgender (Female)", now the vast majority of my...
  10. Recursive Sweatpants

    Remove the "Multiple characters" Gender

    While it may seem like a sensible option at a first glance, tagging a submission with "Multiple characters" in the gender field actually makes it more difficult to find and come across, as the option is so vague that it is often chosen over other gender options that would fit the work better...
  11. A

    Returning Gender Dysphoria

    So back when I was around thirteen-fourteen I went through a period of gender dysphoria which lasted about a year. After a number of years I'm now in my 20's and there have been a couple of times where the thought of "what if?" has come up again. What would you recommend I do? Should I simply...
  12. A

    Not Sharing a Gender

    Whether it's to help distance their real life from their characters' for the purposes of getting inside a completely different mind when they become that character, simply for the purposes of wanting to create a character of that gender, or whatever other reason, many furries choose to create...
  13. Reiv

    Gender Allocation in the Fandom

    I've been thinking a lot about this. Are there more boys in the fandom then girls? I've never been to a furry convention or anything like that so I don't know about that. I really hope I don't start a fire in this thread....
  14. G

    Does your fursona share the same sexuality as you?

    Hey hey! A thread somewhat like my last, but this time, regarding sexuality! Does your fursona share the same sexuality as you? Why or why not? For those of you who have a sona who is of a different gender, how does that affect their sexuality? (For example, if you’re a gay male, but your sona...
  15. G

    Is your fursona the same gender as you?

    Hello everyone! Hope you're all having a nice day :3 Time for a fandom-related question: is your sona the same gender as you? Why or why not? If you have multiple, just choose the one you use most often when responding to the poll ^^
  16. Yakamaru

    Name one favorite positive thing about your gender

    Topic name says it all. Mine would be that I don't have to deal with turning into an emotional wreck once a month, making life a living hell for myself not to mention others in my vicinity. What's your favorite positive thing about your gender?
  17. AustinB

    What's your opinion on "Genderfluids"?

    I don't care what you call yourself. I don't agree with it, but whatever. As long as you're not hurting anyone or acting like a complete cunt about it (like, where you have to constantly correct people about them "misgendering" you) (or insulting "cis" people for oppressing you). I think most of...
  18. C

    Transitioning Male to Female :3

    Hello. I am in the process of transitioning and was seriously interested in virtual FFS (Facial Feminization Surgery). I was just wondering if anyone was willing to draw or photoshop me as a girl. I've included pictures of myself. I would love to hear what looks or styles you think would work...
  19. Sladin5Ever

    Pride Pups/Animals For Sale--10 slots

    Pride Pup collab commissions with LoboSong are OPEN. Any species, any sexuality/gender, no shading, $24 total ($12 per artist) 10 slots for the moment (might increase depending on popularity) Message must include: Character Reference Sheet or a VERY detailed description with the preferred...
  20. Ricky

    Plant That Change Males to Females

    The stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) has been found to significantly decrease testosterone levels in women with hyperandrogenism and similar compounds to its constituents have shown to be even more effective in this regard in men. I figured this might be interesting for some here, since there is...