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general advice

  1. Beepsi

    Question: How to RP?

    Yo, Lately I have had a sudden interest to maybe try to do RP, Roleplay, but I don't know where to go or to start. Yes there is the Discords, these forums, and many more, yet I'm honestly intimidated by of all this; not sure where to start. Also, I am not too much of a social internet lad; I...
  2. sausy1

    How to describe a slow transformation

    I would like to start writing TF stories, and I have an outline ready for one. It's a story where the transformation lasts several days and comes in stages. The stages are very slow and patient, but I can't seem to adequately describe it without it feeling rushed, bloated, or repetitive. So, how...
  3. Balans

    Critique Requested: "Balans Introduction Story"

    Thank you for taking the time to critique my first written work for FA. I published the first rough draft copy of Balans Introduction Story to my FA account. You can view the story with this link. Balans Introduction Story is a simple, short story with a General Audiences rating that is meant...
  4. I

    Best Times To Post?

    I have experienced, in the past, that there is usually a certain time or day that you should post at in order to increase traffic. For FaceBook advertising, it's usually from Noon-5 EST on Thurs/Friday and Weekends, but especially Friday for most common PayDay stuff. What's the best time to post...