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general discussion

  1. RuffTumbling

    Things you love that are totally STUPID?

    ATTENTION: This thread is for expressing our undying love for completely stupid things. Therefor, please do not make too much judgment. So the world has a lot of stupid stuff in it right? However, does that certain thing being stupid also mean it's bad? NO IT DOES NOT!!! This thread is a soap...
  2. RuffTumbling

    Post something odd about you!

    So everyone has something strange about them whether you like it or not. Let's embrace our odd behaviors, hobbies and personalities here on this thread! I'll share a few things about me that I'm sure some of you will get a kick out of. I have waaaaaaay more odd things about me but I'll let...
  3. RuffTumbling

    What's coming in the mail?

    I'm just sitting here waiting for a very important package to arrive in my mail box today and thought of this thread topic. What is coming in the mail for you? Are you excited for it? Is it something cool? Tell me!
  4. RuffTumbling

    Your dream meal?

    We all are human so that means we LOVE to eat. We like all sort of foods of all different cultures. If you could eat a BIG meal of the food of your dreams, what would they be? Here is mine: a huge bowl of fancy Japanese meaty Pho soup with a side of giant crab legs (specifically Alaskan) that...
  5. S

    Martial Art Furs

    Heya everyone out there, just a little forum for the furs who train, teach, or love martial arts to get together and talk! I understand that martial arts isn't the most "popular" sport and I'm wonder who else out there loves the discipline! Martial arts can be many different things. It could be...
  6. Rap Daniel

    Weird Habits

    What's an unusual habit you have? I press 'ON' instead of 'AC' to clear my calculator.
  7. Rap Daniel

    Have you ever gone trick-or-treating in your fursuit?

    I haven't, because I don't have a fursuit of Rap, nor am I looking to buy one. Maybe in some years.
  8. I

    What If Furries Ever Became Mainstream?

    I've been pondering this question in my mind for a while and I think it's a possibility. Imagine furry ads on cable TV and on YouTube before the videos played. Imagine going to the mall and finding a clothing store specifically catering to furries. Furry action figures of our popular furry...
  9. J

    The Dinner Party

    Whats cooking? Damn that smells good! What are you having for dinner right about now? For me its this sloppy joes with too much of the good stuff, cajun and cayenne. What about you?
  10. reptile logic

    Questions involving current sales practices, not art/furry specific

    Is this becoming a new trend that I need to take into consideration when conducting a sale? Case in point; a small sale, 1or 2 books. The setting, a strip mall store in the Seattle metropolitan area: I enter a business and proceed with my transaction. There are no other customers in the store...
  11. Austin Silver

    Card Throwing

    Hello everyone, I have been throwing standard playing cards for about three years now. I must say it is fun to annoy people, give them paper cuts when they piss me off at poker, and chop vegetables in half. How many others out there throw cards as well, and have used Banshees. Was just...
  12. Austin Silver

    Tell me about yourself

    okay you narcissistic bunch of oddballs. Talk to me. Tell me about yourself...what don't people know about you? 1...2...3...go.
  13. J

    Random Discussion

    I dont know if we already have one of these, but here you can say whatever! I dont have any rules myself so just follow the site rules, Mmkay?
  14. S

    Needing a little bit of help

    Howdy! I am new to forums and not sure exactly where my question would fit so I figured General discussions would be a good place to start! I previously had another account with Fur Affinity many a year ago but I don't remember any of the login info and no longer have access to the email that...
  15. Rmania

    What is your favourite place that you have travelled to?

    It can be anywhere, it can be close to home or another country. Why is it your favourite place? :)
  16. C

    Pros and Cons of a Fursuit

    Simply, what do you like about it? What Don't you like? Is full better than partial. Which one do you prefer? Just want to know my choices and experiences before I invest.