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  1. *Insert Clever Name

    What's the general area you are located in?

    Don't feel like you have to give any specifics, just wondering the general area you live in. I myself live in central Illinois, USA, in case you are wandering.
  2. *Insert Clever Name

    Fursona Stereotypes

    What stereotypes are there for different fursonas?
  3. Red-IzaK

    How to promote artwork efficiently?

    Hi guys, I need your help :) I was working in gamdev for about 2 years but I think It's not for me ;/ I feel happiness mostly while working on my private fantasy/furry stuff for myself and my clients. I have decided to have my own businesses as soon as possible. I'd like to live from doing...
  4. LuxerHusku

    I wanna post my artwork on Fur Affinity, but I also don't want to...

    Okay, let me get this out of my head and share with the community. I'm TERRIBLE at drawing. No matter how much I try to improve, I do the same crap every time and it makes me upset, honestly. I wanted to get better with my skills, to one day, be as decent as my favorite artist, but compared to...