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  1. Chomby

    Request: Crystal Ghost Dude

    Are you bored? Do you like skulls and gradients? Do you like that gay energy? Fashion? I just got this amazing guy and I love him with all my heart. If you have the time/energy and this guy catches your eye, feel to draw him! It can be anything, which includes sfw and nsfw. Thank you for looking!
  2. B

    Need help finding a pic

    Hey, sorry if this doesn't belong here. New so let me know. I need help finding a pic I saw on furaffiinity a few weeks back. It was of a wolf couple sitting on the beach (if I remember correctly). The male was sad and the female was hugging him from behind, but she was a ghost. There was a...
  3. Doodle Bunny

    Free Art: Lemme Spookify Your Fursona [CLOSED]

    I’d like to offer horror themed commissions, but I think I need more in my portfolio. Plus it’s fun for a warmup. Leave your ref below. First three posters become ghosts. 1. The Universe 2. Lucifer the Dragoness 3. Infared Nexus
  4. IlCrowDeAPrenestina

    Halloween ADOPTABLE! 25$

    Hey there! This Spooky Boy is looking for a home! 25$ only! Just claim him in the comments
  5. eight-legs

    Gijinkas & Mermaids (starting at $5)

    hello !! i have some adopts for sale and i thought that i'd share them here as well ;w; if buying, please comment on the links and not here please ! you can find them here : www.furaffinity.net: Ghost Gijinka Adopts : OPEN 4/6 by eight-legs www.furaffinity.net: $5 Mermay Batch : OPEN 11/30 by...
  6. G

    new to this community as a whole

    Hello. I'm ghost, and it has been a long time since i've been on any forum; as such, the way i type has evolved completely separately from forum culture. i have been around a lot of furries and furry-adjacent people in my time at college, and now that I've dropped out (for health reasons), I...
  7. dipindu

    [YCH] Get your spook on! (1 slot each!)

    Check out the link below for more information! www.furaffinity.net: [YCH] Get your spook on! (1 slot each!) by Dipindu www.furaffinity.net: [YCH] Get your spook on! (1 slot each!) by Dipindu www.furaffinity.net: [YCH] Get your spook on! (1 slot each!) by Dipindu
  8. Pastelwerewolf

    3 Bunny adoptable variants for Halloween!

    Ive got 3 variants of bunnies that are up for auction until Sunday night! Check them out :3
  9. oh-sehet

    RARE EGG Galaxy Mask Auction (ENDS:1 week)

    SB: $20 (BID INCREASE: $5 USD) AB: TBD HB: NONE YET ENDS WITHIN: October. 6, 2016 TO BID CLICK HERE FINISHED VERS WILL LOOK SOMETHING LIKE THIS(except more detailed because these are regular eggs and this one is a RARE AUCTION EGG!! ^^ not set price like these: Process: . I will message...
  10. Notkastar

    "S.P.O.O.K" The Ghostly Organization!

    Hiya, The names Notkastar and I just got promoted to Specter! I know without any context that makes as much sense as me proclaiming I eat the color blue but, I just felt so happy with finally getting promoted I just had to tell someone! Now for the Context, I work for the Ghostly Organization...
  11. SarahWidiyanti

    Auction Adopt Open!

    Auction Adopt open! Starting Bid : $25 Minimum increment : $2 Auto-Buy : $120 Bid on the comment Recent bid : sb by xxxzackeryxxx on DA [closed 4 days after this post] Bid here: www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN] Auction Male Exilia by SarahWidiyanti This is a closed species named Exilia. Feel...