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  1. Shydeis

    (Base/YCH) Selling: size fetish +18

    (nsfw) If you are into macro/micro content, here we are. A big momma for you: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/48811427/ The same art with different payment style here: https://ych.commishes.com/auction/show/1QCS8/tiny-me-/
  2. Abcxxx

    Macro/micro and little things rp

    Hello everyone. Just recently came here. I'm looking for someone with whom I could arrange a role-playing game. As the name suggests, the theme here is macro and micro + (I also like muscle growth, thick (and everything related to these), inflating, popping (without the blood of death). all...
  3. B

    (Commission) looking for nsfw artist specifically with prices/ options below $20 and artist willing to do giantess/ size difference art

    Im lookinf for nsfw artist with prices below $20 and artists who are willing to do giantess/ size difference art
  4. S

    (Comic/Ask Blog) Ask Aijouki Anything

    Gonna post all the pages I have so far in bulk, for now You can post a question for her here, if you want
  5. P

    Monolithically Giant Aliens Suddenly Arrive On Earth Tomorrow: What Would Logically Happen?

    Monolithically Giant Aliens Suddenly Arrive On Earth Tomorrow: What Would Logically Happen? So this question came to me yesterday over a coffee, and relates specifically to Aliens (or humans) from an existing Sci-Fi Universe. I’m sure everyone here who has ever had more then a passing...
  6. Jaredthefox92

    Critique: Crituque my giantess Sonic OC story?

    Howdy! I've recently made an ADULT Macro theme'd story involving my villainess, Amanda based on a roleplay I've had on Discord. While this story has exploded from what my friend and I originally had, I would like some ideas on how to move forwards in the story. I have one major issue with the...
  7. Queen Kyobi

    Tiny Furry In A Huge World - An Interactive Macro/Micro Text Adventure

    Hey everyone! This is a choose your own/text adventure game that I put together using a program called Quest. You can play it online by clicking the URL below. For now, it's a one giantess game, but it's stuffed with a whole bunch of choices that lead to a vast array of giantess fetishes...
  8. Jaredthefox92

    Looking for a RP involving giants/macro.

    Hey all, I'm just curious if anyone would like to RP with a roleplay involving giants. I normally like actual giants with a mixture of science fiction, fantasy, or superhero/supervillain like scenarios. While I prefer to play the giant character, I am fine with someone being a giant character if...
  9. lilfella

    Micro/macro RP?

    Hello there, everyone! I'm looking for a micro/macro RP partner, any gender. I have a male mouse fursona and I prefer being the smaller one. I love vore, mouthplay and fearplay, but I'm also super on board with fluffier and story based stuff. Any size is cool with me! I only write in...
  10. lilfella

    My First NSFW YCH Auction! [G/T Vore]

    Heya, folks! I'm makin' my first endeavor into NSFW art on FA. The wallet is a little tight lately, even though I'm workin' my butt off and I thought hey... Why not. I'm drawin' this stuff anyway. Why not spread the love (and the snacks)? I whipped up my first YCH, and hopefully will be making...
  11. illuminaughtySeesAll

    Gobble Gobble - Wild Harvest

    This Thanksgiving we got a new One Shot it seems we got some hungry gobblers stopping by for a bite on over at Illuminaughty's Shop. This comic is for +18 and up only All sales are final. No refunds. Please do not redistribute, repost, or edit our art. Synopsis: Luyu is a kindly tribal...
  12. SizeSupporter

    Welcome to the World of Macro and Micros!

    1. No underage Content please! ((Loli and shouta if any will lead to being Banned)) 2. Before you, Join Make sure that you are 18+ this is an NSFW channel! ((No exceptions if you are below the age instant-ban)) 3. Respect others and their boundaries (( if they are not interested...
  13. Rigor_Omortis

    Looking for an RP partner MxF NSFW (Growth/size difference/Romance mainly) - Discord

    Heyo! Names Rigor Chians! But most people just call me 'Chains'! SO...The short story is like this! I am looking for someone (Male or female) interested in short to long term RP's that mainly involves growth/size difference/micro-Macro stuff! (I tend to be the small one..But can be big on rare...
  14. illuminaughtySeesAll

    The Brown Eyed Beast The Rescue 01 (comic)

    A new comic is being released in our online store. The new issue showcases some monster girl content and serious female domination. If the comic does well we may just make a sequel to it. This comic is for +18 and up only All sales are final. Please do not redistribute, repost, or edit...
  15. SizeSupporter

    Tiny Neko Searching for Macro ! (Long term RP) DM Friendly on Discord!

    Been on the Search for a Macro that would like to rp with a fun obedient micro willing to see the Macro happy! Have a little mixed RP of the Macro going through the city to them being normal size and me tiny size Turn Ons: Giant Soft Paws! Soft Vore Footplay/Pawplay Being dominated...
  16. SizeSupporter

    Macro and Tiny Discord - Safe Haven for Giantess, Giants, Macro Furry and etc.

    Hello, Everyone, I own this server and I created as a safe haven for people who love size fetish content or love to roleplay as a: Giantess, Giant, Tiny, Macro Furry and etc! Rules for the Server 1. Be kind to everyone 2. Respect others in this group 3.Please do not bother the Giantess...
  17. Peachfurr

    Giant Growth RP? (For Kik+Discord)

    I'm looking for someone moderately literate to RP some giant or giantess growth. I would prefer to be the one growing! I also do weight gain, stuffing, breeding, and other transformation/expansion type things.
  18. Xander Martin

    Parappa & Ma-San: Lammy's and Katy's Inside Stories (Parappa The Rapper Vore Fanfic)

    www.furaffinity.net: Parappa & Ma-San: Lammy's and Katy's Inside Stories (Fanfic) by xandermartin98 It's the first Parappa The Rapper fanfic to have Lammy and Katy literally fuck each other's brains out, slather them in bodily fluids and eat them; need I really say more? (also, you get to watch...
  19. Xander Martin

    Giantess Toriel X Asriel, Alphys X Flowey, and Lammy X Parappa (the unholy trifecta of fapfics)

    www.furaffinity.net: Giantess Toriel X Asriel: Motherly Fuckery by xandermartin98 Motherly Fuckery www.furaffinity.net: Giantess Alphys X Flowey: Vengeful Torment by xandermartin98 Vengeful Torment www.furaffinity.net: Giantess Lammy X Parappa: Big-Step-Sisterly Fuckery by xandermartin98...