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gif commissions

  1. Bakisune

    (Commission) Selling: Icon Gif

    I will give the delivery time when you inform me the character and the type of animation you want Payment only when I send the finalized watermark gif Price: 15 usd More examples in my toyhouse: https://toyhou.se/9664075.icon-gif
  2. XNTHZ

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) COMMISSION ICON AND ANIMATION ICON YCH!

    HIYA ALL! I urgently need money, but drawings are my only opportunity to earn money. In this regard, I will take few slots for custom icons! RULES: Fix price: 40$ Payment via PayPal (or SBER, if you are from Russia or the CIS) Will do: pony, humans, furry DEADLINE: Undefined. Maybe in a...
  3. MoebiousII

    (Commission) Selling: [OPEN] 2020 Commissions within $10-60

    Open commissions on affordable prices! Check it out and be sure to read my ToS! Commission board- Moebious pricez Any question feel free to dm/ note me here or on discord ( my user Moebious#3349)
  4. sketchrabbit

    (Commission) Selling: ✿ Rabbit's Art Flash Sale! ✿ LIVE2D Animated Characters $50! Limited Time/Slots

    Hi, welcome! I'm running an end of summer flash sale for my Live2D animations. Please keep reading below for the details. FA Listing Upload: www.furaffinity.net: ! END OF SUMMER LIVE2D CHARACTER ANIMATION - FLASH SALE ! by sketchrabbit...
  5. Spalshpaws

    (Commission) Selling: Slightly desperate Character art and Design commissions! Between ( 15$ / 70$ CAD )

    Hi! I'm Splashpaws and I've been having horrible luck with job hunting and i'm super desperate to make a little bit of money off of some art commissions. If you can't afford to buy any of them its okay ! but if there's anyway to get the word out for commissions it would be much appreciated...
  6. MoebiousII

    (Commission) Selling: Open Commissions!(and auction )

    Open commissions on affordable prices! Check it out and be sure to read my ToS! Commission board- https://www.furaffinity.net/view/30262068/ Also I having an auction on twitch emotes of mobspycho100, you can check it out here www.furaffinity.net: MObPsycho Emotessss by MoebiousII Any question...
  7. Nephurz

    Holiday Sale[gift fund] - Cute Animated Headshots for $15

    Trying to get some extra funds to get my son some CHRIMMUS PRESENTZ. I've had a lot of crazy expenses pop up as of late, and my little dude deserves a good birthday[december 22] and Christmas. He's turning two years oldddd. ;w; SO. I'm selling cute animated headshots like these: $15 per GIF...
  8. ShazamBlast

    Animated Icons [OPEN]

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to promote my animation commissions. I offer two simple options and one that can be whatever you want. Prices: Blink Icon - 20$ -- Bouncy Icon - 30$ -- Original Icon - 50$ Icon limitations: - Must follow FA's avatar policy - Complex characters will be...
  9. MarquisofGIF

    Marquis's GIFs and animation services shop - All to $5

    WELCOME!! Hello and thank you for stopping by here, Let me ask you a question: Have you ever wanted to see your fursona or your OCs alive? Sure fan art would be awesome but how bout if you see him/her breathing, fighting, doing something in a loop or even talk? Well, seek no further, In Marquis...
  10. JamminBison

    Cheap/Quickturnaround Animated YCH Icon

    Offering quick turnaround, cheap traditionally animated YCH winter icons, pictured below: $13USD - YCH Canine/Wolf/Dog with recolors/simple mods (I consider a simple mod piercings/earrings/scars/expression/teeth poking out. -+$5USD - Complex Mods (I consider complex mods to be horns...
  11. Ninitard

    ✿ Ninii's cute and detailed art shop ✿

    ✿ I have seen a few people searching for commissions! ✿ Well if you like cute / detailed art I can do both ^^ ✿ Complex characters? Not a problem at all! ✿ My art is not as expensive as people usually think. ✿ But of course I also don't undercharge my art since it's my job. ✿ I can...
  12. Wisupi

    Spooky glowy art commissions open!

    Hi everybody! I'm Wisupi, an animator, illustrator, and pixel artist, and my commissions are open! Some examples of my work: you can find more at my furaffinity and on my tumblr! There are my prices: FOR ANIMATED GIFS 1 SECOND OF ANIMATION UNCOLORED-$25 COLORED IN FLASH-$35 COLORED IN...
  13. porone

    Gif commissions from $22!

    Hi! I'm taking commissions for simple, cartoony, animated gifs (30 frames at most.) Pretty much any kinds of characters or subjects accepted, nsfw included! Prices go up from 22 dollars. Send me a message or email me at poro.commissions@gmail.com if you're interested! Art blog FA