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  1. Nephurz

    Holiday Sale[gift fund] - Cute Animated Headshots for $15

    Trying to get some extra funds to get my son some CHRIMMUS PRESENTZ. I've had a lot of crazy expenses pop up as of late, and my little dude deserves a good birthday[december 22] and Christmas. He's turning two years oldddd. ;w; SO. I'm selling cute animated headshots like these: $15 per GIF...
  2. ranarun


    EDIT** So yesterday I made a tell me what to draw thread---> Artwork Gallery for ranarun -- Fur Affinity [dot] net, and it was super fun, Im opening it up again today, buy me a coffe and you tell me which character or OC you want me to do and I will deliver with a basic clean up and coloring...
  3. Skychickens

    Gifs of your species

    One of my favorite things to do is find gifs of my species and use them in places. (If you’ve seen me on the Last Post Wins thread for long you’ve probably noticed) so I thought it would be fun to share! Let’s see what everyone really is like! You can tell a lot about a person based on what...
  4. Ma99ot128

    $5 Animated PageDolls!

    Cheap animated Page Dolls! Get an animated Page Doll Like this bab here for $5!!! Payment will be needed BEFORE I COLOR. Meaning, I will send you a sketch to see if you'd like to add anything or change. Then you will pay the free and I'll start coloring for the finished product...
  5. nerdbat

    Green Butt Domain (GIFs and loops)

    During several years I spent animating and programming stuff, I made a lot of little animations just for fun. Lately, though, I decided to improve my viewership a bit, maybe get some watchers - in other words, spread my work around. Any critique is welcome, want to know what people think about...
  6. B

    Post your favourite GIFs!

    Time for either the best thread ever or the worst thread ever depending on your outlook! You know what to do... Let's start with a few i made myself:
  7. jukajo

    Problems with gif previews

    Edit: Solved! Check out Yoyobuae's post right below this one for the solution. Hello! I am having trouble with gif previews in my gallery. While you have to upload an additional thumbnail when uploading gifs, said thumbnail is only used in the 'Lastest submissions' section on my front page...