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gift art

  1. Raever

    [CLOSED] Sacrifice your Sonas [3/3]

    Alright lovely members of FA/FAF, here's the deal. I'm holding a Raffle (of sorts). The name of the game is simple, you put your character reference below - and I get an art piece including them (paid for, of course) including my character. It will all be SFW so no NSFW art will be done for...
  2. ShamanSquirrel

    Art Trade: Accepting Gift Art, will Gift Back

    I hope this is the right place to post this! My birthday is coming up on March 1. I'll be... ahem... 40! I can't believe it. I hope that's not sad or creepy at all, because there are many "greymuzzles" older than that. I will be accepting gift art for the next couple weeks, if anyone here is...
  3. RearmedDreamer

    Artmas 2018

    So I did a bunch of gift art for Christmas for people I have either interacted with recently or thought they had cool 'sonas. If I did not draw you a piece it wasn't because I didn't want to... it's because my hand hurts. xD Koijot www.furaffinity.net: 2018/12/13 - Koijot by RearmedDreamer...
  4. Jojer

    Where are these people that DON'T want gift art of their fursona?

    I've always been curious to hear from someone who does not want gift art of their sona. It's not common that I come across a profile page explaining that the owner of the gallery doesn't accept gift art so when I see it, I always wonder in my head what awful art they may have received in the...
  5. MarquisofGIF

    Marquis's GIFs and animation services shop - All to $5

    WELCOME!! Hello and thank you for stopping by here, Let me ask you a question: Have you ever wanted to see your fursona or your OCs alive? Sure fan art would be awesome but how bout if you see him/her breathing, fighting, doing something in a loop or even talk? Well, seek no further, In Marquis...
  6. Kerynean

    Score some free NSFW Art!

    Relatively new furry artist here wanting to flesh out my gallery a bit, currently questing to make some furry NSFW art! You can read more information over here! Here are some samplessss of my art just in case u want some: Please your requests in the linked journal! (make sure you read...
  7. Chilensisboy

    Ok, lemme show you what can I do

    I´m new here and I need some new friend and customers so lemme gift some black and white drawings of ur OC´s so you can see my art style. Post it here, dont be afraid I will do at least 10...
  8. RazzyRaziya

    Gift Art Etiquette (?)

    Sorry I'm super new to the community and I'm just trying to understand something that a friend told me! Any insight would be appreciated! I had a friend who was trying to cheer up an acquaintance of his by drawing them a picture, however it was a picture of his own fursona telling them to...