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  1. eight-legs

    Gijinkas & Mermaids (starting at $5)

    hello !! i have some adopts for sale and i thought that i'd share them here as well ;w; if buying, please comment on the links and not here please ! you can find them here : www.furaffinity.net: Ghost Gijinka Adopts : OPEN 4/6 by eight-legs www.furaffinity.net: $5 Mermay Batch : OPEN 11/30 by...
  2. wolvykasu

    pokemon gijinkas OTA

    so I decided to do an offert to adopt over here : www.furaffinity.net: Gijinka adopts OTA by wolvykasu The minimum for each adoptable is 5$ USD all the other rules are in the link !
  3. wolvykasu

    Adoptables for sale

    so I have a lot of adoptables for sale and there is more than 1 categorie category 1 : pokemon gijinkas (Link : Artwork Gallery for wolvykasu -- Fur Affinity [dot] net ) prices start at 8$ Category 2 : Anthros (link : Artwork Gallery for wolvykasu -- Fur Affinity [dot] net prices : starts...
  4. wolvykasu

    Pokemon gijinkas for sale !

    I made a new batch of gijinkas so I hope you will enjoy ! oh by the way, prices start at 8 USD for more infos, more gijinkas and buying procedure, please go here : Artwork Gallery for wolvykasu -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  5. wolvykasu

    Gijinka RAFFLE

    I decided to do an art raffle on FA. So feel free to enter! www.furaffinity.net: Jangmo-o RAFFLE - (OPEN) by wolvykasu
  6. wolvykasu

    Kasu's gijinkas shop

    I decided to hold a shop on this forum for my gijinkas designs. Here are some rules to follow Simply say you want an adopt and send me your paypal adress, you can then ask to send the money yourself to my paypal adress, or that I do it. Prices in USD By purchasing this caracter design, you...
  7. Goodfellowes

    [S] Charizard & Rapidash Gijinkas

    I have two gijinkas up for grabs, based off some of my favorite Kanto guys <: Charizard is $25, Rapidash is $20 Reply or message me if you're interested, OR comment on the uploads I've made [charizard] or [rapidash] Payment through paypal only! USD!