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  1. A

    OPEN one fullbody drawing semirealistic 50 usd

    soo i have one slot open for commission 50 usd with simple background, fullbody semirealistic i accept all kind of furry or non furry i don't draw mecha
  2. C

    The Unnatural (awesome image furry comic)

    Hey, I'm just trying to raise awareness for this awesome comic from Image called The Unnatural, it's about this pig girl named Leslie losing finding out she has some kind of power inside of her that a shady group wants to exploit for their own ends, she is being helped out by a white wolf with...
  3. Schneewittchen

    Halloween YCH [25$-45$]

    I'm selling these Halloween themed YCH's that range from 25$-45$ They'll all be done quick and in this style. There are no limited slots. I can draw humans or anthros, costumes can be changed but that will cost 5$ extra, 10$ if it is a super detailed costume. PayPal only
  4. Yuukari-nee

    [YCH | OPEN] Chill (SB: $75)

    It has been a while since I posted here. I learned that the content I like to publish is not suitable for the forum, and I learned it the hard way. u u Well, here I bring this YCH, that you do not have nudity or parts that should not be exposed to the air (?) BID HERE...
  5. Noir Gladia

    Deep Sea Lantern Mermaid [Adopt::Open]

    [PayPal only~ Currency: USD] # SB: $30 # MI: $2 # AB: 100 She's a combination of lantern fish (yes, that ugly fish you're thinking about lol XD) and bird and skeleton, with eastern-inspired costume and a magic lantern lightened by her living energy. Her sclera has two forms: white and dark...
  6. tepioca

    Leo-themed Adopt Auction [OPEN]

    Leo-themed adopt I worked really hard on! Help me find them a nice home :) sb is $8 ab is $35 paypal only please! auction ends 24 hours after the last bid ill send the winner the transparent unwatermarked version after payment is made !
  7. FenaOn

    Hi, i am new in this place

    Hi, i new in this place and my know better nickname is FenaLoves (in other sites).... i like furry because i love Old anthropomorphic animals (specially dogs like Scooby Doo) and admits like all types of furryart :D I like anime, manga; alternative, dance and britpop music (includes a Blur...
  8. Chandraken

    Gamer Girl YCH

    Hi all! I am currently offering up this YCH gamer girl auction! Please go here to bid: www.furaffinity.net: GAMER GIRL YCH by Chandraken
  9. MoguMoguArt

    New Deer OC

    Hii all! I came here to seek help from the experts on drawing anthro characters. You see, i draw human females regularly and i don't draw anthro that much (although i'd love to get into it more) Now, i happened to do an art prompt involving drawing whatever prompt the fursona generator gave...
  10. FluffyChuck91

    $10 Icon Commissions

    Im opening Icon Commissions for $10! Comment below or PM me if interested!
  11. BlobFox

    Finished my first furry commission!

    Hey! So today I got my first commission done and I am really glad, they liked the result! I also hope you like it and if you want to commission me, feel free to note me c:
  12. Oottsel

    SFW & NSFW-- Sketches & YCH!

    Hey there, so I'm working on bettering my human/ Anthro works! So I'm offering a few YCH's and a few sketch commission slots too! All art is done by me (almost always done in a livestream with between 4-15 other people at a time). I'm willing to do most anything, just message me either here...
  13. Kitsune Yin

    Sexy Geomancer ant girl for auction!

    now we have the #22 monster girl for auction ( Gao monster series ) this time is a sexy Geomancer Ant girl waiting for a new master interested in Bid for her can do it here : www.furaffinity.net: Gao monster girl #22 (auction open) by KitsuneYin
  14. Kitsune Yin

    Gao monster girl #21 (auction open)

    And now we have this sexy cat in auction if you are interested in get her please Bid for her in the drawing she start in just 60 USD sor starting bid maybe you have luck and buy her more cheap he he Link: www.furaffinity.net: Gao monster girl #21 (auction open) by KitsuneYin
  15. Mnedei

    Hello, I am new. c: To the community and everything.

    Hello! Here is my first fursona! Mnedei! Please tell me what you think! She is a feline, and age 19. That is basically what I have because I have just made her and I was just so excited..
  16. FireWOLF-007

    Looking for a few Trades for my OC

    Hey there, new here. I'm currently looking for a few Art-Trades for my OC Sara: I'm looking someone who can turn her into a Golden Retriever Antrho girl. the body should be a bit rough (as in the example) but not fat and the snout should be small. I have experience with Antrhos so I can take...
  17. nabiudegrua

    Fireswift the Bat [AUCTION] [front, back and side view inluded]

    Fireswift is a curious, bold and frisky bat. Tricks and fun is what she lives for. Though, she is easy to get on with and never boring to talk to. (You can change her name and personality, it is just what I was thinking about while drawing her) Takes place here: www.furaffinity.net: Fireswift...
  18. nibattack

    New to drawing furs looking for critique and onions [slight NSFW]

    Hey, I'm Dustin and after lurking for a bit I wanted to finally try drawing something. I used to have a really old bunny fursona so I decided to try to revisit that character and came up with a few ideas for fur patterns and outfits. You don't have to but if possible I would appreciate any...
  19. TayMalerei

    Cheap Adoptables

    $5 - www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN] Flat Price Moth Adopt by TayMalerei $10 - www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN] Flat Price Adopt by TayMalerei
  20. JesterKatz

    Feedback for Deer Girl WIP (Digital Sketch)

    I have recently submitted a WIP of a deer girl I plan on making into a 3D model. I'd like some feedback on her so far, and help improve the quality, at least as far as digital sketches go. I'd like to actually make a better effort to my reference pictures, as the quality of the pictures will...