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  1. tinybuggy

    Christmas Giveaway

    Two Slots Open, I'll be using a random number generator to pick the winners. Just put a reference of your character below to enter. Deadline to enter is Dec 15. 11:59 PM EST. Portraits delivered on either Dec. 24 or Dec. 25 Good Luck and have fun yall!
  2. Malako

    Perler Giveaway/Sale!!! (on facebook)

    i do apologize that this is just being held on facebook, perhaps in the future i can hold one reliably without it anyways, im doing a giveaway on facebook for some of my custom perlers! all the info is in the post on the page, all you got to do is like the page and the post and you are in...
  3. Wolfy_V

    Come Join Wolfy's World! (Furry Discord Server)

    (Artwork for logo and banner done by me) WELCOME TO WOLFY'S WORLD ──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Welcome to Wolfy's World, a fun-loving furry server made just fur you! We have a little bit of everything for just about everyone willing to...
  4. Dubhdara

    Fantasy-Adventure Ebook giveaway

    Do you like stories with gun-toting monks, flying assassins, giant alchemists, and violent nuns? Of course you do, you beautiful soul! So check out my book, "A Monk's Tail"! Click the link below and maybe win a free copy. Read, enjoy, and let me know what you think...
  5. tarotrickster

    Tarotrickster's Newbie Art Giveaway!

    ONE NSFW SLOT OPEN This is NOT first come first serve. I will choose a request that I'm interested in. For commission info or to follow me here's where I live! FA: Userpage of Tarotrickster -- Fur Affinity [dot] net DA:tarotrickster on DeviantArt Twitter: tarotrickster (@tarotrickster) on...
  6. M

    Free art raffle/giveaway! Just leave a comment on my instagram post!

    Hey! After like... 8 years, I have made an Instagram for my furry art! Check it out here: mausc (@maus0z) • Instagram photos and videos In celebration, I'm having a free art raffle. To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post: The winner will receive a piece similar to...
  7. L


    Welcome everyone! Today I start a giveaway for a free cellshade piece. There will be 2 winners. Each piece will vary between a head-shot and a full body. You have time to enter untill Midnight, 25th of August (GMT time) HOW TO ENTER: Share this image with a link to this giveaway...
  8. PercyD

    Ask (P.D) Any thing- [ Topics Thread!]

    =u=/ Hi, my name is P.D. I am a conversationalist and artist! I got my degree in electrical engineering and I'm pretty well traveled. I am a counselor for writing as my day job. I've been doing art and designing characters for over a two decades as a hobby~. I used to give out cosplay advice...
  9. CatSprinkles

    Free art giveaway!

    Hey! I'm giving away a fullbody, bust and icon in about a week! Click the link below to see the rules, examples and to enter <3 Thank you guys! www.furaffinity.net: ART GIVEAWAY! [OPEN!] by GlitterPineapple
  10. Diiragon

    FREE Mermay Adopt!

    diiragon.deviantart.com: FREE Mermay .:OPEN:. I'm giving away this free design on my deviantart and wanted to let the people of Fur Affinity know too haha!! Please enter on this link, not here, thank you!! All details on how to join and possibly win are in the link! <3
  11. Diiragon

    (FREE ART) Show me ur characters

    diiragon.deviantart.com: (Free art) Show me ur characters (link to character posting) I need some fun and cute characters to draw!! I'm gonna pick the ones I like the most and draw a bunch of tiny chibi's tomorrow!! What to do? Just post your character, any characters down below and that's...
  12. GumiTheCarrot


    My main account on FA has reached 3k+ views, so I've decided to say "thank you" by raffling off some adopts ;3 Go here to enter: www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN]3000+ Page Views Raffle[OPEN] by CarrotPatchRaffles www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN]3000+ Page Views Raffle[OPEN] by CarrotPatchRaffles...
  13. Roantree

    Icon Giveaway [OPEN]

    Hey, I'm Roan! Since I'm pretty new I thought I'd do an icon giveaway before trying to start doing commissions! Three winners will be chosen with a random number generator. To enter once comment on the submission itself or watch if you want to enter a second time!
  14. Pinsley

    Gobblemon adopt raffle

    I am hosting a giveaway right now. If you'd like, you can enter. Gobblemon species are open, so if you'd like you can freely make your own. Please read rules in the original post if you'd like to enter! Posts where you can enter: www.furaffinity.net: FREE CHARACTER RAFFLE [OPEN] by Pinsley...
  15. lichcrow

    Big Character/Designs Giveaway

    Giving away some old characters/ designs I made in middle school, first come first serve, you can change the info/designs/species however you please once you've claimed! Pronghorn, iguana, fox, and bird anthros HERE! (non-sexual nudity content warning) lineart from here Pronhorn anthro: OPEN...
  16. M

    Chibi Furry coloring page and raffle for wacom tablet

    Hello everyone! I make chibi comic adult coloring pages and am having a raffle for a Wacom intuos CTH690AB art pen and touch digital graphics drawing a painting medium tablet. Part of the raffle is a coloring contest of one of my comic pages (Empty Fridge). If you become a member of my patreon...
  17. SkyeRao

    Secondlife - The Blue Monarch (Gay Yiff Club)

    Hey, my name is Skye Rao and I am a gay tiger shark. I just wanted to post an ad for my club. If any of you have SecondLife and enjoy playing then hop into the club anytime you want. Thanks! Welcome to The Blue Monarch-Gay Yiff Club 24/7 Adult Club 18+ Public Sex Allowed Clothing optional...
  18. monsterlordgarou

    Free chibi raffle! (CLOSED)

    I'm holding a small raffle over at my FA page! You can win a full body, colored chibi of your OC or sona! Any gender and species, sfw or nsfw (must be +18 if you want nsfw!)
  19. 6yndybell

    Freebee! Give away! Raffle! n__n

    I´m making 2 raffles. If you want to enter, please check the rules on these links: Raffle 1: Freebee! Give away! Raffle! n__n -- cyndybell's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Raffle2: Freebee! Give away! Raffle! n__n -- Cynderella's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net (You can enter in both)...
  20. AnkokuFlare

    Free Art Raffle: Ends on Feb 28th

    Hello, I'm in a need of a signal boost. So figured I make a simple freebie event out of it. I'm hosting three are raffles on three media platforms Tumblr simply like Follow my art blog http://www.flareout.com and reblog this post Hello, I’m in a need of a signal boost. So figured... - Flare...