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  1. Tim Roberts

    Fursuit Furry Cyberpunk Themed LED Visors

    Get these amazing Cyberpunk LED Visors for your furry costume, they come with a strap if needed and also battery operated, with a switch - honestly they will look amazing! Our Rainbow variant even changes color. Link to buy is http://bit.ly/2PkP82F we ship worldwide and have over 100,000...
  2. AnokiGryph

    Glasses Design for Fursuits

    Hi all, I’m looking for someone who knows how to make glasses designed to put on a fursuit. I dont mean underneath, but part of the character. If you know someone, or you do them yourself, please let me know. I wanna talk with you! Serious inquiries only.
  3. SnowVampire

    35.oo USD Sale! Full body color, ink & shaded!

    SALE! ~4 Slots are open~ 35.oo USD Sale! Full body color, ink & shade! Complexity may raise the cost a little. Sorry but I'm only accepting PayPal for payment. I'm offering to do art of: furry, anime-human, chibi, feral, female and male. Please contact me at this email SnowVampire@outlook.com...