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  1. dogryme6

    Weird glitch

    That's a weird glitch. Every time I enter a new page / reload a page on FurAffinity, this... User page overlay... Pops in and zooms off to the upper right out of view. It's kind of jarring. I don't think this should be happening. And on the old format for a split second I can see one of those...
  2. Kakyoin

    (Commission) Selling: ♠️Kakyoin's Horror Commissions

    ♠️️ Hello! Welcome to my commission thread. I am a trans mentally ill artist looking to begin selling my art. I specialize in horror and surreal art. Prices are below as well as my info for where to find more examples. If you're interested or have any questions please feel free to respond to...
  3. Wolvinof

    Login Not Being Consistent Or Working

    Very recently, the main site's been acting up about whether I'm logged in or not. On some pages, I'm logged in like usual, but on others, I'm just logged out. Weird thing is, it's very specific pages. For instance, I could go to someone's main userpage and be logged off, but then I type in the...
  4. Xenus_the_dragon

    Glitch in beta theme

    I created my fa account a few days ago, and in my account settings i changed the theme to "beta". Maybe it's my old android phone, but when i try to zoom in in any way some black sort of... task bar, kind of? Juts in from the side and obscures eveeything else on the page. I found it very...
  5. Notkastar

    Too many Spider! (Terrifying Skyrim Glitch!)

    Alright, this just happened a few hours ago and feel free to mock me for being this freaked out from a got dang video game but this glitch just terrified me. Now I'm not gonna say "A Spooky scary ghost took over my computer and made this stuff happen" or anything. I'm pretty sure this was just a...
  6. Alisenokmouse

    Bug/Site Problem: New glitches with PNG preview

    Probably after fixing GIF preview glitch, or maybe after maintenance today (not sure), here is a new glitch, but with PNG drawings (likely because of its transparency). And it works a bit weird D: For example: Thumbnail is OK, fullsize is OK, but 400px preview is like that: though, I just...