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  1. Crayons Are Snacks

    The Motivation Thread: What are your goals today?

    TLDR: This is a thread for people to post their daily goal(s) so that they can have a support system/cheering section to help them accomplish those goals. THE LONG VERSION: Hey hey! So I have been struggling with depression for a long time, and I know that a lot of lovely people here also...
  2. ruemika

    (Commission) Selling: Rue's Commission Packages ♡

    Hello! My name is Rue, and I'm brand new to Fur Affinity. I'm very new to drawing furries, but I find them super fun and super cute! I don't have many furry examples, since I've only drawn one, but my work can easily be found here: ruemika on DeviantArt Right now, I'm trying to save up to get...