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  1. M

    Hiring: Reference sheet for my Goat boi

    Hi. I'm looking for artist who would be interested drawing a reference sheet for feminine Goat character. I'm looking to get one with front and back view + one with his clothes on. He is girly boi so I hope you are okay with drawing it. My budget is about 200€, but willing to pay more if needed...
  2. g0atmeal

    Hiring: ($100+) CLOSED Character Reference Sheet with Multiple Detail Shots

    CLOSED! Thank you all for your interest <3 Hey there! I’m looking for an artist to make an updated character ref for my goat sona Toffi, current ref below: Their design is staying mostly the same, the main reason I wanted a new sheet was to include details about the character on the sheet. I...
  3. theladyinlavender

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Goat Girl Adopt Flat Tiers | Tier1: $85 | SFW | NSFW Tiers

    Adopt by Lavender. She comes with a blank bio, not created using a base. BIDS: https://ych.commishes.com/auction/s.....t-by-lavender/ Flat prices. Just comment under the original post or message me to claim. Tiers: $85 --> Unwatermarked full sized (3000x3000) file plus ownership of the...
  4. ChyenHyena

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Auction - Strawberry Parfait Adopt! (SB: $10)

    Hello, it's been a while! I'm auctioning adopts again to pay for a pet's surgery, and today I have this little creature inspired by strawberry desserts! Ain't she cute SB - $10 MI - $1 AB - $40 For each ten dollars above $50, you get custom art! TOS: Paypal only! I'll send you an invoice...
  5. Sam Wamm

    Anyone have any goat-themed webcomics to follow?

    Lockdown has given me way more free time than i anticipated and i've caught up with all the comics i'm following. Anyone have any comics with a goat character as an important role? at the moment i've got about 6 comics yet to go so i'm gonna run out by the end of the month. i have friends...
  6. TkupBook

    I drew sherb :)

    Hiya, so I just joined today and thought I would share one of my recent drawings. I drew it for a friend cause he loves sherb. I am used used to drawing girls so I am aware he is a bit thicc haha. I am not so good at digital art or lineart so if you have any tips I would be happy to hear. I am...
  7. Feralteddy

    Need coloring advice.

    Working on a commission for someone, created the character for them from the ground up from the characteristics they described to me. I have everything done and colored but the shawl and undies, which they have no idea what they want the color to be, and neither do I. I'm incredibly indecisive...
  8. PanPolyFox

    Help W/ My Mates Fursona Reference Page?

    Okay so, me and my mate have been together for 5 years now. I've been a furry for many years before we met, so I already had my fursona worked out for the most part. Up until then he was more of a Furry Fan, but I convinced him he needed one if we're eventually going to get him a Fursuit (and...
  9. lulae

    [W] NSFW Fullbody for Male Anthro Goat ($50-100)

    Hello! My friend suggested I try FA for my commission request. I am looking for art of a character from the video game the arcana (reference posted below). Details over PM as nsfw, but in general it will be a fullbody picture of the character. My budget is 50 to 100 USD payable through paypal...
  10. amberxla

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Kitten Adoptables! $5 + OTA Fox

    Please claim here: https://toyhou.se/~forums/13.adopti.....n-adopts-open- or here: https://www.deviantart.com/amberxla.....PEN--817047267 (I do not watch these forums well enough). $5 USD flatsale via paypal Comment here to claim. 1. Sold 2. Sold 3. OPEN 4. OPEN 5. OPEN 6. OPEN TOS: -You...

    Sketchbook: Latest drawings- Traditional- Unfinished

    I haven't drawn in some time, but last night, and tonight, I got in the mood to draw. Here are my latest creations! I haven't colored them yet, but I'll post again when I finish them. The first one is my OC Lilly, and then other is a Dragon Girl. I am curious to know what you think of them!
  12. Jubia

    Another Goat Joins the Fray

    Good Morning! Good Afternoon! Good Evening! - - - - - - - - - - - - - I'm Jubia, just another goat among the lot. Been a furry for a good many years, but it wasn't until now I decided to put myself out there, in the hopes of meeting some new, nice folk and involving myself in the community...
  13. Sam Wamm

    Games with goat protagonists not including Goat Simulator

    not the acronym for greatest of all time. In fact the rise of the buzzword has made searching for this problematic which is why I'm asking you guys. there are many games that have goats in them but i'm looking specifically for games where you can play as one. sorry Undertale, another time. i...
  14. Sam Wamm

    A movie or TV show where the anthropomorphic goat (ferals allowed) is not the villain

    Anyone else feel like they get a bad rep in TV and cinema unjustly because of a certain religious figure being the bad egg that spoiled the whole bunch. I honestly find it difficult to find anything where the goat character is not the villain of the piece. Even when they are not they are often...
  15. Blue Moon the Folf

    Request: Eva Lissinter (Request)

    Heyo! All I have is a description of my gal atm, but hopefully this is enough. Physical Description Eva is a tall grey-ish white goat with long ears, small horns, and purple eyes. She is a very voluptuous and busty woman, and also wears glasses. Eva also has thick, soft thighs and a nice, big...
  16. warframed

    Hiring: LF Feral art $5-$30

    Hello friends! I'm looking for someone who can draw ferals well who'd be able & willing to do a feral rendition of my sona here. I just love the idea of having a lil goat version of him... I'd prefer something cute like a chibi or semi-realistic, but nothing too cartoony, if that makes sense...
  17. SeaFoam

    NSFW art of my goat boi

    I’m hoping to find someone who will draw nsfw art of my new goat boi, I’ll explain details of what i want in messages. Please message me if you will draw him
  18. Mae

    $5 Bust Shots!!~

    Hi there!! uwu BRAND new to the furaffinity community, and am looking to do some bust shots for some lovely individuals!~ Example of a unicorn-goat hybrid is as shown below- expect to receive a similar base! I can do any gender and species! Accepting payment via PayPal Give me a holler if...
  19. KaePotassium

    Open Adoptable (Original species)

    Hi! Caprelines are close species of mine and I've made one up for sale :D www.furaffinity.net: Underworld Capreline Adoptable: OPEN by KaePotassium ADOPTABLE IS ONLY $5 Species info can be found in the description box. Once purchased, I can draw you a FREE character sheet for the character.
  20. squeakshka

    Goat-Shark Adopts (OPEN!)

    Finally sat down to try my hand at furries and adopts once more, and this was the result! Goat-sharks x: as strange as it is, I think they came out really cute! Oh - and one Goat-Koi :3c. Buyer Receives - High resolution cropped version of their adopt. - Lower resolution cropped and signed...