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  1. g0atmeal

    [CLOSED] Looking to commission two reference sheets for my goat. Budget $40-60 each.

    Hi there! I’m looking for an artist to do two reference sheets. For the first, I just want a revamp of my current ref (linked below) with very few changes. For the second, I will need character design help because it is a completely new character with no references other than a description...
  2. sophie

    Quick Adopt [Anthro]

    Came up with a design but I need to money so I will be selling this lovely lady for $25 ;> if interested just comment!
  3. C

    Searching For a Specific Artist

    Hi! I'm so sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong forum section; I'm completely new here. Anyways, I'm trying to look for this artist I saw a while ago, but now I can't find him anywhere! He has an OC that's a female goat, pretty punk rock looking, I THINK she has a mohawk and some piercings...
  4. HoneyBonnieBunny

    Starry Night and Blushing Pearl, *Auction* OPEN

    -PayPal only! -Auction ends 24 hours after final bid -Minimum increase bid: $1.00 -Trading is fine, but please do not resell -Please credit me the first time you use them! -Feel free to change small details such as eye color, or horn shape. Starry Night AB- $20.00 SB- $10.00 Blushing Pearl AB-...
  5. FaunGirl

    Who wants an Art Trade?

    Hello! I'd like to take a couple of art trades since I have free time. Furry, anthro, humans... anything. :) Some examples of my style and skill: And here is my character: Best regards!
  6. Ama L. Thea

    LF ref sheet for new 'sona (up to $125-$150)

    TL;DR: Looking for a totally-by-description SFW reference sheet for my anthro goat fursona, Ama L. Thea. Just front and back. I love good art and I'm pretty easy to please. Budget: Definitely up to $125, maybe up to $150 if I really like you Notes: I'm sorry -- I don't have any kind of old...
  7. Grruelty

    This place is brutail!!.

    Whats up you furry people, I'm here now!.. I didn't realize there was like a big furry community or fandom until just recently. Anyway I am extatic about this, and well hi!!. So I have been watching furry youtubers for like the past month, and realized going to one of these con things looks...
  8. striderfvcker

    $10+ Busts/Headshots!! 2 Slots

    So I've decided to start offering a few commission slots for headshots and busts specifically!! I usually do a lot of gore/dubiously religious themes, so if that's anyone's bag I've got you covered!! I can also provide a link to my FA account and provide more examples, if necessary. I'll...
  9. Ezialb

    Adopts for Sale

    Here are my adopts that are for sale! www.furaffinity.net: Adoptables: Fox and Sheep by ezialb theres 4 right now! Fox and Goat chibi adopts! So check them out if your interested! Give me a note saying which one you want and I'll give you my paypal and they're yours to use as you wish!