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gore allowed

  1. heroicsquidget

    (Commission) Selling colored sketch commissions from $21 onwards! SFW & NSFW, will draw anything

    As by stated in the title, will literally draw anything. Nothing is off the tables as long as the money is good enough. Why, you ask? …I need money ;_; Doing colored sketches for now because I also have a full time job and part time school. However, if your commission piques my interest I...
  2. D

    (Commissions Open!) Doing Art of *Almost* All Kinds!

    Only limits are: no scat, no cub/underage, and no real people/celebrities. Gore, Smut of all kinds, Non-con, Fluff, Necro, Cuteness, Xeno, Zoo, Ovi, I'll draw it all and more. Contact me on FA or at any of the contacts on my commission sheet.
  3. Spritz-PuppyShark

    (Commission) Selling: Digital Art Commissions ($20-$60)

    Hello! I'm selling art commissions (accepting payment via PayPal). I can draw anything including animals, anthros, humans, NSFW, gore, chibi, etc. My prices are: Bust- $20 Fullbody- $30 Ref Sheet (2 sided with detail box)- $60 Scene- $60+ (depending on complexity) Here is a link to my portfolio...
  4. paranoya

    (Commission) Selling: Ref sheets(100$+), portraits(30$+) and illustrations(60$+)

    Hello! I'm offering various commissions, starting from cheap portraits/icons going all the way to detailed illustrations. Check out my price list and feel free to pop in on my fA account for more examples! Interested in something not on the list? Message me either here or on fA, we'll work...
  5. Dreamweaver

    Art Trade: Looking for some fun art trades!

    Hello, I am looking for some people to art trade with. I am looking for art of my sona, Socket: www.furaffinity.net: Socket Ref by Dreamweaver07 My work can be seen on my FA Userpage of Dreamweaver07 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net If you are interested, drop me a line! If you are feeling...
  6. WorldofValdis

    (Commission) Selling: △Valdis's Commissions△|$7-$30

    Hi! I'm Valdis and I'm your typical starving artist so I've decide to open up for commissions! Unfortunately I don't have many examples for furry characters at the moment since I'm fairly new to the community but I am experienced in drawing reptilian characters. △Rules△ At least half of...
  7. Katook

    Ref Sheets/Solo/Couple Illustrations! $28-$200 price ests, no limits

    Hello, I'm back with some open commission slots! I didn't know last time that blood was not allowed on the forums, so I'm being more careful with my art examples here. Solo full body illustrations start from $28, up to the hundreds depending on budget, details requested, and other factors...