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grammar/syntax check

  1. depthjacks

    Doesnt "furry fan" sound better then "furry"?

    I never understood the grammar behind this. Why are we calling ourselfs the thing we are a fan of? Thats like calling myself a ps3, because im a big fan of said console. Do you see what i mean? Man, the internet does not like grammar.
  2. Prostapheresys

    Written dialogue: dash or quotation marks?

    It's a topic I have recently stumbled upon and that left me quite puzzled since another user pointed out why would I use hyphens (which where actually meant to be dashes but with the wrong key input, my bad XD) for written dialogue in my stories. So I did a quick re-read of various books from my...
  3. Prostapheresys

    Is this an interesting setting for stories?

    So I'd like to write stories on FA but since I'm a beginner I thought to write about the lore and setting of my stories first in order to clear my ideas too, rather than straight out write my first story. Basically things revolve around two rivaling groups that both work for the social...