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graphic design

  1. MalGV

    (Commission) Selling: ★ MalGV's Art Shop ★ [OPEN • $10-$700+ • FULL CLOSED!] Sketches / TLK OCs / Portraits / Fullbodies / Chibis / Realism / Ref Sheets

    INTRO Hey folks, and welcome to my art shop on FAF! Please review my Commission Tier List below and fill out the form I have provided. First come first served! As soon as my slots are filled I close my shop and contact my clients. If you ask for a commission too late, don't worry! I'll keep...
  2. chazzforte

    Illustration/animation/music commissions ($25-$85)

    CHAZZ FORTE COMMISSIONS (UPDATED) Hey Hey, i had to update my price sheets for regular commissions as well as include some more options! Right now i’m doing commissions and i have some extra goodies to give to you guys! I’m still doing the illustration and character designs but i’m also doing...
  3. Wynst Draws

    Various types of art for free, design, illustration, writing

    Hello, I am trying to increase my exposure on FA (and to a lesser extent DA) so I am looking to take up some free requests. My hope is that I can eventually begin to sell my services once I have a strong enough portfolio and an increase in skill. I am a Graphic Designer by education so I possess...
  4. Sir_Sloth

    $5 upper body commissions

    Hi there! I'm fairly new to furaffinity, and I'd like to open up some commissions! This specific thread is for bust/upper body commissions, depending on complexity. Currently only $5 USD through PayPal some examples: You can see the full images and more examples here: my...
  5. Soren49

    Artist for hire

    Hello, My name is Shelby Hughes, I am an artist with a BFA who studied illustration and graphic design. I have many skills and I'm capable of drawing just about anything outside of robots. I enjoy drawing stickers, posters, logos, animals, portraits, cartoons, and designs of all kinds, I'm even...