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graphic novel

  1. KitsuneMaster20

    anyone know how to make an idea of the Hare And Turtle Nerd Meganekko comic Furry/Realistic Style

    I have no clue if they have furry comics of turtle characters and i didn't seen one of yet, some furry comics might have popular reptile species like Alligators, Croccdiles, Snakes/Pythons, Frogs and lizards and they don't have turtle characters again. :( i think it's kinda sad that furry comic...
  2. Pessimism Jester

    Help me find Wings of fire Volume 3

    OK SO i found a website that let me read the first 2 books of the series but I cant find the rest anywhere. It would be great if someone could link me to a site that has the entire thing so I wont have to go on another wild goose chase like this, thanks
  3. angeliimp

    Furry graphic novel recommendations?

    Really wanna get into some furry webcomics and such. Would prefer mostly SFW but if there's slight NSFW at any point that's fine!
  4. C

    Comic books and graphic novels?

    What is the difference? Are they synomyms? I'm reading Persepolis for a college class and it got me thinking. What is manga considered?
  5. HazelCat

    Plot help

    I'm new to furaffinity, so I'm not sure if i should post a thread or if there's something I'm missing...? But I'd like to ask for plot ideas for if I was to make a comic type-thing. I can design characters and such, but when it comes to plot my brain refuses to do anything. I have a vague...
  6. MGFerret

    I've Launched a Kcikstarter to Fund Printing My Comic

    I've taken the leap to try an fund the first printing of my webcomic Orbit: Encounter. I'd be so grateful if you would consider backing this project - or if you can't but would still like to show your support to my campaign I would be grateful if you could share this campaign with your friends...
  7. Vultark

    Any recommendations on Sin City-like graphic novels? Do they exist?

    I suppose what I'm asking is are there any 'best of the best' furry webcomics/graphic novels out there that are a must-read? I'm thinking of making one in a grounded/dark/Frank Miller way that would also be NSFW. Would there be any interest? Thanks! - Vultark
  8. pupsicle-c

    Discussion/Poll - What's Your Favorite Story-Telling Medium?

    Like the title says, this is a discussion thread for what you feel is the best/your personal favorite kind of story-telling medium. Do you like comics best? Novels, maybe? What about visual/interactive novels, or video-games in general? If you have any other personal favorites, like podcasts...
  9. G

    Any Off-White fans?

    This is probably the most amazing graphic novel I’ve ever read (other than Bone, which I have to get back into). So I wondered if any of you guys are fans? So here’s the Off-White appreciation thread! OFF-WHITE | webcomic (here’s their site if you want to give it a read. Warning though...
  10. LogicNuke

    Any Saga Fans Out Here?

    I'm surprised there wasn't a thread already for this, but there is one now. Saga is graphic novel series by Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples that could be best summed as a science fantasy/space opera which like Star Wars and Game of Thrones had lovechild and using CRISPR gene therapy to give...
  11. Felidire

    Creating new webcomic, looking for art & writing buddy.

  12. Andrej

    Humans, dragons, and the conspiracies in between - my webcomic "Lost, but Homeward."

    Hi there! I'm Andrej, new to FurAffinity. I've got a webcomic series called Lost, but Homeward which I would like to share with you! A broken royal family; a gang of dragons ready to make them their prey; and the people of the kingdom living their lives in the middle of all this -- a conspiracy...
  13. furrylover1910

    Idea for erotic furry comic/graphic novel

    I have this idea for an erotic comic/graphic novel. It's about a male human called The Furry Casanova. He can shrink himself to make love with the smallest female animals/furries and grow bigger to make love to the biggest female animals/furries. Possible titles: - Furry Casanova does the...
  14. Guilleum2

    My Webcomic: Porcelain

    Hello folks, I make a webcomic called Porcelain. It's about a burlesque club. Uhm... no NSFW content (yet. maybe in like 2 more years). Been working on it for maybe 4 years now (multiple iterations). Here's a little bit of what it looks like if you'd like to see/read. Thanks... ;3; Where...