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  1. J

    Teletubbies Debate

    So, a friend and I are locked in an intense battle of the minds. I argue that the Teletubbies' god (the sun) rewards their worship by sending pleasing visuals to their antennas to be displayed on their stomachs, but my friend insists that they're literally just sentient televisions. Is my...
  2. masat

    (Commission) Selling: $10-$30 commissions open!

    Hey Guys! I'm open for commissions! You can contact me here, on my twitter @masatillust or on my instagram @masatgt I can also do: -logos -icons -reference sheets -weapons -Pin ups IG: J. E. Rodriguez (Masat) (@masatgt) • See Instagram photos and videos Twitter: Masat ||COMISSIONS ARE...
  3. VX666

    What makes a high quality / professional fursuit?

    So I was watching a few videos on reviews that some customers made about suits they were disappointed with. They brought up a few points, mainly on the frailty of the hands/feet and poor visibility in the heads. So I googled around for a list of traits that make a suit good but couldn't find...
  4. Revates


    Hey everyone, Thought I might get back into furrum posting. I'm gay, I like to post, I work, sleep, study and voice post/bidleo game with my manimal furriends and that's my life. Thanks and godspeed.