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  1. xreysartx

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Canine Character for Sale!! ($10 usd)

    Hey there! I am currently selling a very recently drawn canine characters! They do not have a name or gender, that can be decided by whoever buys it :) Adopt comes with the character, the sketch, character as a transparent PNG, character with color scheme and a time lapse video of the drawing...
  2. Squints17

    For Trade!

    My daughter is trading her partial suit a long with a badge, flower crown and TONS of bows. What do you have for trade? US ONLY!
  3. Xitheon

    Ratty Identity crisis

    So... I am a snake who wants to be a rat. I resurrected this character and I'm totally obsessed with rats again. I've never been able to decide on a name for her, though. She's a patchwork hairless lab-rat with jellyfish genes that cause her to glow in the dark. She is stupid, slightly mad...
  4. Mnedei

    New Main Fursona : Nemno!

    If Something Is Not Clear, Please Comment! Name: Nemno Jojape (Neh-Min-Oh / (Ho-Jah-Pé) Age: Young Adult ( In Young 20's) Gender: Female; She/Her Species: Bob Cat/Herb Dragon*. An Herb Dragon, (I made up.) Is a type of dragon whom can not be poisoned or sick. Can eat any herb and they normally...
  5. Brutal Kitty

    Slime Squid Adoptables!!! Only $10 each

    HNNG I love then so much. It's hard to give em' away. ;w; But I need Christmas money!!!!!!! Please spread the word about these babies, they need a good home. ;v; #1 -OPEN! $10 USD #2 -OPEN $10 USD Paying $15 will come with their very own pixel icon!! EXAMPLES 1 www.furaffinity.net: Arroyo...
  6. Raddy Fox

    I'm a FaD.

    Hi! I don't use forums often, but, why is this one not linked to the main site? Do most people just stick to FA's main site and ignore this place? Cause I'm new to both and have no idea how to get to know people. I've been in the fandom a few years, mainly stuck to social media sites because I...
  7. BeakyBirds

    Bird-ify Me!

    BIRDIFY ME Art by BeakyBirds Flat Rate Sale of $15.00 USD via Paypal. All sales are final. Please do not harass, or attack me due to this. This is an art shop, and a business and it will be run as such. There is only one time that there is an exception to this, and that is when I say so. So...