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  1. Echolepzy

    Err... Hello-!

    Hi-! I'm Indie the Fox (she/they), and uh... Well, I'd like to try to be active on FA and hopefully meet some people, but I don't know where to start... I'm kinda nervous, and I don't like talking to strangers without a reason, but even if I was fine with it, I have trouble finding other people...
  2. QuetzAlDragon


    Hello, I am fairly new to the furry fandom and joined this site to just get to know others better and get to know the fandom better. the furry fandom so far has seem so welcoming and has already made me feel happier than before. I always denied I was a furry because people made fun of furries...
  3. Tails-Smith

    Hello Everyone!

    I’m Tails! I’ve been apart of the furry community for a few years now, and i’ve been on FurAffinity throughout it. For some reason I never bothered to make an account here, but I have one now! My sonas are Skyler the gryphon and Yuki the sergal. I like drawing, anime, and Pokemon! I’m always...
  4. C-artsy

    Hello! :D

    Hiya! This is the first forum I've actually visited, despite hovering around FA for... ten years? Never really occurred to me - social hermit for the win! Just wanting to chat and say hi, or make new friends. :) I'm a full-time artist, live on a rescue farm/nature preserve and of course adore...
  5. RokuroTheFox

    Hello there UwU

    Hello everyone, my name is Rokuro and I am a new member of the fandom. My friend Deito insisted on participating a few days ago and I think it was time to introduce myself. I have always liked this fandom but I have never been encouraged to participate or to draw related things but this year I...
  6. inferno_the_dragon_wolf


    Hello everyone, This is a bit new to me. I’ve been a member of FurAffinity since 2012 and I honestly feel really dumb for never realizing there was a forum section. Now that I’ve found it, I figured get myself out there and see who I can meet on the forums. Guess I should start with Hello, and...
  7. Shadowprints

    Introducing myself after yeeears

    Hello! I haven't been very active in the furry community as far as furaffinity and things of the sort go so I wanted to introduce myself on the forums, something I've never done before! My furaffinity username is Shadowprints just as it is on the forums. My fursonas name is Prints, he's a...
  8. R


    Hello everyone, I'm relatively new here and haven't met anyone yet! I've been part of the fandom for about a year or so... If you want to learn a bit about me then view my info page on my profile! Thank you for your time!
  9. Blight Hyaenodon

    Hello all! Happy to be here!

    Hi, there I am Blight Hyaenodon! I was in the fandom for a bit before but fell away due to just life in general University took up all my time and so did my part time job. Now that I am past all that I have more time on my hands. I'm set on getting into the fandom this time. I hope to talk to...
  10. P

    Greetings everyone

    Hello everyone the name is Poly or if you'd like you can call me Drew which is my fursona name (RL name: Thomas). Welcome to my account on the Fur Affinity Forums. A lot of information about me can be found on my Fur Affinity page which is right here. Userpage of poly-the-fluff -- Fur Affinity...
  11. LuxerHusku

    I'm Luxer, a furry artist.

    Hi, I'm Luxer. Known this forum long ago and I've created an account here, but I haven't used it ever since. So, let me share my info chart. Name: Luxer Gender: Male Age: 20 Date of Birth: Christmas Day, 1996 Current Location: Georgia, USA Animal: Husky Animal Color: Green and White Features...
  12. B


    I probably should've had this be the first thing (well second), but hello. I guess a few things about me is me a bit socially awkward, so you could expect some awkward moments from me, and an interest of mine is video games(more specifically RPG and MMO games)... and I've only been a furry since...
  13. Lea.Tigris

    Greetings, weird animal people..

    I'm Lea. My fursona is a grumpy "lone wolf" golden tiger. I draw SFW stuff. I play video games a lot. I design things for video games as a part of my studies. I also like to read, play musical instruments and hang out in the sun at every opportunity. I suppose I'm of the weird sort where I have...