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  1. Primal the Lycanroc


    Fairest of salutations to you all! I'm Ollie, and it's a pleasure to meet you all! I generally hope I meet some kind folks and friendly faces on here, and generally just have a good time as well! Though, you should probably get to know me a little bit better, just in case. I go by Ollie, but...
  2. Madame Aubergine

    New and excited to share my art!

    Hey ya’ll! You can call me either Aub or Som, I’m a non-binary illustrator who recently decided to try becoming a full time artist! Since a lot of what I draw is monsters, animals, dragons, anthros and so on.. Figured I’d give FA a good ol’ try! Hoping to make some friends and attract some...
  3. AdenineWolf

    Hello! New to the Forums, so what up?

    Hey everyone, My name is Adenine and i decided to create a FA account to reconnect to the fandom after a long break. How's everyone doing and if you wanna talk to me go for it! Been a long while since i talked to another fur lmao. I love a good bit of things, video games (specifically the elder...
  4. Le Chat Nécro

    Shanah Tova Um'tukah

    Or for those who don't know Hebrew: “May you have a good and sweet new year" Rosh Hashanah, or Jewish New Year, is upon us. While I don't expect many people here to be celebrating, I wanted to make a thread to spread well wishes and blessing for the holiday. About the Holiday: Rosh Hashanah is...
  5. Blu_The_Bun

    helloooo :3

    haven't checked the forums in a while.. how are you guys all doing?
  6. Darin Waller

    Hullo there, fam!

    I'm Darin, Lv.21, Libra. Graphic designer and digital artist. I'm not quite new to the official site, but I've never been here to the forums. I can be found in the regular site as DarinScraps. I guess my best suit has always been drawing anthropomorphic characters, specially Pokemon. I really...
  7. LancesDorm

    Heyo peepos!

    Been on FA since this summer, but it's my first time here on the forums (dunno why you can use the same login as the one on the FA site but whatevs) I'm one of the many artists that left tumblr due to recent events, though I never posted any NSFW there, I think it wouldn't have been beneficial...
  8. A

    Greetings from Autumn

    At the request of a friend of mine who participates in whatever the furry community truly is I have decided to look into things further myself. I have yet to come to any conclusions, but hopefully changing platforms from where I was looking will help make the community actually look like a...
  9. Mach

    Late Intro for Me, Mach

    Hello, guys. I'm Mach and it's a pleasure to meet you all. This forum is my first venture into the fandom with others and so far it has been amazing. I would like to thank everyone who has welcomed me and befriended me already. I'm looking to make even more good friends while I am here. Have...
  10. AceofHearts

    Hi, Matthew from the U.S.A.

    Hi, My handle is Ace, Ace of Hearts! Although my given name is Matthew, if you come to know me, I don't care if you call me by my handle or by my given name, Matthew or Matt. A little about me, I'm active duty in the United States Army and I serve in a combat MOS. I've loved furry for so long...
  11. Aaron U Pictus

    Who lives where and why?

    So I thought I'd get a better scope of meeting everyone on this forum. So far all you furs have been a delight to meet and I'd like to continue doing so ^-^ So I was interested to hear where most of you reside around the world and what kind of work you do? For me I am a South African Web...
  12. Aaron U Pictus

    Tackling the furry forums.

    So I decided to join the online community and get a good scope of what's happening around the world in the fandom. ^-^ I am a South African painted dog aged 24 male. Been in the local fandom for a good while but I am keen to meet new people and make new online freinds. So hi :3
  13. D

    Shy dragon here to say hi and make friends!

    Hello! I've been a furry for quite awhile but have lurked around until recently. Decided to gather the courage to get my fursona made and I am so happy about it. :3 He's quite a looker. Anyways I'm into video games and math! I also have been learning how to code on and off but don't have much of...
  14. Okamio

    Hey there everyone.

    I'm not necessarily "new" to the fur fandom, I am however "new" to expressing my creativity on here. So, hello. I'm Okamio, also known as BPositiv3 (My overall alias) (twitch, youtube, soundcloud, etc.) My fursona would probably be a mix of a bear and wolf, due to my height and weight (working...
  15. FuzzyNuggets


    I'm not entirely sure of what to put here... but hey, I've been pretty bored and lonely lately. So why not? xDD Yeah, um... hello to everyone~ I don't give out my real name on the internet, so I'd appreciate just being called Fuzz or Fuzzy. I think it just keeps things simpler. Now, as for...
  16. Syno Wildfeather

    Hello There

    Hi There ^^ I'm Syno *waves* So I haven't really joined any forums yet, but I want to try something new so I can meet New People, Chat and Make Friends. I Usually spend my time Trying to do some Voice acting or making Pictures in Gmod, which I Post on my DeviantArt. I Am A hobby Musician...
  17. FluffyChuck91


    My name is Charles Moss. I am a grad student at Savannah State University with a focus in animation. I earned my BFA at Sam Houston State University. I draw, animate, and make occassional remix parody videos. Here is my website: charlesmossanimation My youtube channel: www.youtube.com: Charles...
  18. Layla-Nyan

    Hello everyone!

    It's very nice to meet all of you. My name is Hayley, but you can also call me by my username, Layla-Nyan, Layla, or just LN. Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable! I'm a 21 year old artist who honestly hasn't been acquainted with anything 'fur' related in quite a long time. I joined the...
  19. RenniksArts

    New to FA forums, introducing myself

    Nice to meet everyone, my name is RenniksArts. I used to be under the name Sketchy Doodle when I did art. I focused on pony art. That has changes due to the pony art community basically making me now want nothing to do with them. Between customers that spend weeks telling me I've done...
  20. Xerus

    Hello: The Greeting of an Outsider

    Hello there, magical reader! Yes, you. The one reading this. This is entirely meant for you to read because I know who you are. Mhmm. Cheesy right? But I also know about that snickers wrapper on your desk that you haven't moved in 3 weeks. And the fact that you got soap in your eyes in the...