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  1. X

    My daily identity crisis! Yay!

    Someone drew this nice ref sheet for an old fursona I'm thinking of resurrecting... of all the 'sonas I've had, he has the most in common with me. Are dogs too trendy? Worse or better than foxes? (Based on my first greyhound who died a few years ago.)
  2. Tuls Elbaroda

    Need a 2 semi-feral characters digital drawing done till Christmas.

    Hi you all. I came up with a present for my friend who isn't a furry, but is interested in "our" stuff. So I decided to push him a bit with a Christmas present. What would it be you ask? I need a digital drawing of my fursona and an anthro or semi feral italian greyhound (which would need to...
  3. OddOcculitist

    Spooky: Current Fursona WIP

    So I'm working on my first fursona. Spooky is currently just a working name. He is based off two interest of mine: goth fashion and tarot cards/divination. I always liked greyhounds. There is something about their long snoots that are really pretty cute. I am still fleshing out his design. I'm...
  4. Hiff

    Hiff's Land O' Pointy Snoots and Ears

    Hello! I see you have managed to stumble across my thread! Well, I sure hope you like sighthounds and elves. 8) BASIC INFORMATION I charge $25/h, USD, paypal only. When taking commissions, I estimate how long a piece will take, and will give you a price up front based on that, so don't worry...