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  1. TheXenoGamer

    Main Site FA groups

    I honestly miss those days were the profile groups were active as it helped many people meet others with the same interests on Furaffinity. But of course now few are active and it’s can be hard to meet other furries with the same interests. So I’m sure many proposed the idea of having a group...
  2. MissNook

    Finding groups on FA

    Hello everyone! I need a bit of help with how groups are working on FA :) I can't see how you can find groups on FA. I saw people having logos of groups (like straight furries and wrestling furriers ^^) and being part of them. Unfortunately I don't know how to find groups that I would like...
  3. AmberLupus

    As a furry, what is your opinion on Human Pups and Otherkin?

    I'm not going to talk about it as NSFW as I don't want to violate any terms, just your opinion of them as a whole. I find this to be an interesting topic, as fursonas are sort of a link to animals, but expressed through different ways - what would you define those borders as? or is there an...
  4. thelivingtrashcan

    Main Site How do groups work??

    I haven't really participated in FA outside of just posting art, and I've mostly been using deviantart/reddit, so the way FA handles groups is confusing for me. i just have a few questions regarding them how do i join one? can i even join one?? what does it mean to be in a group? what do groups...
  5. Jackpot Raccuki

    Don't Starve Together Furries

    Just wanted to post a thread of any furries who actually play or have played Don't Starve Together. Also sorry for no Wes in the poll, not allowing OP characters in. UwU I'm a Waxwell main myself, his low health isn't that bad when you know how to kite, along with keeping blue mushrooms and an...
  6. G

    Looking for Furry chat groups to be in!

    Hi everyone. I'm posting tonight because I'm craving a decent furry chat experience... Something laid back that you can just exist in the fandom in. I miss meeting other furs in chat rooms online, like when you could make your own chatroom on yahoo messenger in the early 2000's. Are there any...
  7. snizard

    Looking for groups

    Hello :) I'm new to the forum and i don't know if it's the right place to ask but i'm looking for groups on FA to join related with big breasts, breast inflation/expansion, big butts. Do you have any idea? Thank you
  8. E


    Hey I am new to the furry fandom (sort of) and am wondering if there are any furry groups or people here in California where I live. I have a couple friends but don't talk that much, looking to reach out and talk to new people about new things. Please hit me up in messages or here to talk. If...
  9. RemedyKun

    Stoner Furry Groups?..

    Looking to bring together the ever rising Furry and Weed community x3
  10. ThefriendlyFurry

    [NSFW] Need a Quick Pic

    ok so I need a simple quick pick done of my OC and another OC I have, I know NSFW embedded content is against the rules so I guess link it to me since I'm over 18 and have a FA account or simply pm me... I guess. Anyway if interested pleas comment or PM.
  11. acommabeforedark

    Identity pages list?

    Hello! I'm relatively new to FA, and to the forums, so I am not sure what they are called, but ya know those 'user' pages like 'bisexualfurs,' 'russianfurries,' and so on? Is there a list of all of those somewhere? I wanted to use them to spice up my 'about' section a lil bit but I wasn't sure...
  12. TurtwigChampion

    Full Group Feature, Similar to deviantART

    For a while now I've noticed that if you want to make a "group" or "community" on Furaffinity for any particular thing, you essentially have to use a new account for it, and it's really inefficient for sharing images. While I realize you can't make a copy of what other sites use specifically...
  13. N

    Who here remembers Heffalumps and Woozles/pink elephants on Parade? Who found them sexual?

    Hey bizarre subject I know, but I was sexually awakened by Heffalumps and Woozles and I continue my desperate search to find people, (preferably women LOL.) Who share my bizarre fetish. And even if you don't have it, if you could provide any advice on where to look to find People who do, that...