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  1. V

    (Base/YCH) Selling: SFW YCH auction for any feral species!

    SLOT A SB - 150$ MB - 25$ AB - 300$ SLOT B SB - 150$ MB - 25$ AB - 300$ You can buy both for 450$ <З Full or half prepayment! Payment with BOOSTY only (you use your PayPal account and if you never work with this system before I will send tutorial to you) Background is in process, I'll change...
  2. V

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Realistic one-slot feral YCH full rendered

    Price is 300 USD, full or half prepayment(!) I can draw here any fictional feral character like western dragon, gryphon etc. or realistic one (prefer canines) Decorations, armor, clothes, mechanical part are acceptable! Payment with BOOSTY only Background and details are in progress Deadline...
  3. MysticMerle

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: 36 discounted griffin eggs available

    Calling all fellow birb enthusiasts! I made this batch of mystery griffin adopts a very long time ago and none of them sold. I just put them at a discounted price because I really want to draw some cool griffins! https://www.furaffinity.net/view/48925348/
  4. MysticMerle

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Massive Adopt Sale @ NuskaLion

    Heya! I have over 100 adopts who need loving homes! https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/nuskalion/folder/1060526/Open-Adopts/ I have: Surprise Adopts: - Robotic / Cyborg characters (6 open) - Protogens (8 open) - Anthro Gryphon / Griffin eggs (36 open) - Surprise species eggs (26 open)...
  5. MysticMerle

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: $15 USD Gryphon Egg Adopts

    I have 36 anthro gryphon eggs that need to find homes! Each is inspired by a real bird photo, and features my own artwork. As of writing this all 36 are open. You pick the gender and body shape for free! https://www.furaffinity.net/view/45319218/
  6. Paws the Opinicus

    Hiring: (CLOSED!) Species swap! Paws wants to be a Yinglet!

    Juuuuust what it says on the tin'o'clams. This big ol' monster here.... (Original version here) .... wants to be a lil' ol' dorky ratbirb! Preferably with mane, tail structure, barbels, coloration, and all her particular physical traits intact (except wings I suppose, yinglets are...
  7. Paws the Opinicus

    How does your species fit into the world you inhabit?

    It may be difficult to explain this one's context here, as it is a two-parter that may not be well-defined, sorry. :) Basically asking out of curiosity, (1) what is the relation of your particular species to the world/setting itself, whether you have an otherdimensional, or non-Earth (or at...
  8. Paws the Opinicus

    Deeeeead Threeeead (zombie noises) :D

    (Nukes the thread from orbit, it's the only way to be sure) I no longer RP. Technically, never got to anyways, so I guess I never missed anything. Sorry. Is there a way I can delete this thread? :D
  9. Paws the Opinicus

    Which one of my OC's are you? :D

    The answer is: You're none of them. Only I am me. And you are you. And that is awesome, and the way it should be! Why would you want to be anyone different than you? ;) H a v e a g r e a t d a y ! - Paws
  10. Paws the Opinicus

    Hiring: ($25+) Realistic Headshot for Icon [Closed]

    I've been hoping to get a centralized G-rated icon of Paws created for various forums and other avatar usages.... which basically means a headshot! Pretty simple, that! Preferably on a blank background so that I can make simple background colorations so the backgrounds can colored to fit the...
  11. Aviagua

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: ($40+) Adopts available! Dragon, cat, kitsune, anthro tigress etc.

    Hello! I have an assortment of adopts available, and as I'm in the process of making more I'll be adding more in the near future. Vivid Violet Canine Adopt $45 https://www.furaffinity.net/view/40921451/ Wild Beauty Coyote Adopt $55 https://www.furaffinity.net/view/41018408/ Inferno...
  12. potato-kun

    I need help making a new sona...

    I'm thinking of making a new sona for myself... a gryphon to be specific. The thing is that I wanna fuse two other breeds of cat and bird. I know the cat half will be either a panther or a tuxedo cat, but I can't for the life of me decide on the bird half ;; does anyone have any good ideas...
  13. Kete

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: original Gryphon ADOPTABLES for 5 €

    comment HERE www.furaffinity.net: ADOPT baby Gryphons 2 by Kete they are 5 euro each! first comment to ask for the gryph gets the gryph! Blue lemur has been adopted, the other two are stil for ADOPTION
  14. Kete

    Original Adoptable gryphons

    I made these three original characters and they need new owners. They are 5 euro each, so if you want one, send me a note, or a comment:3 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/29819344/
  15. samudre

    Fantasy Character YCH (SFW or NSFW)

    --- Your feral fantasy character here for just $18! Full-size version can be seen here. The final product will include sketchy linework and flat colors. Example here (NSFW.) --- RULES: + Payment must be made upfront. + USD only. PayPal only. + Ferals only. + Character must have wings...
  16. Kenadragon

    YCH: Seaside Flight

    Enjoy a nice sea breeze with this YCH! www.furaffinity.net: YCH "Seaside Flight" by Drekena The Details: -Any winged character -Anthro OK -Any gender -Body type adjustable Starting bid: $5 Minimum increase $2 If total bid amount reaches: $15 and below: Flat colored lineart $15: (Detailed)...
  17. SpiritSeed

    (Open) Chibis, Headshot,halfbody, fullbody, SFW art.

    Hi SpiritLovers ! After painting all the sample needed to show you what I can do, my commissions are now opens ! Prices start at 15€ and go highter depending of what you want me to draw. ♥ You can fin more informations here : Commission Info for SpiritSeed -- Fur Affinity [dot] net...
  18. ChaiChai2017

    Cute butterfly gryphon adopt (auction оpen)

    SB: 15 USD MB: 5 USD AB: 40 USD Rules: - PayPal USD only - Payment must be sent within 48h after buying - After i'll receive the payment you'll get full size .png image without watermarks - Please, don't create another adoptables on their base - Auction ends in 48 hours after last bid Auction...
  19. frizzled

    Nightmare gryphon adopts: $9 OPEN

    Still have some adopts open of this nightmare gryphon floof species! They're cute and fluffy and ready for a new home :) Paypal only From top left to right: Fire: OPEN Water: CLOSED Earth: OPEN Electric: CLOSED Light/Day/Sky: OPEN Darkness/Night/Hades: OPEN Link to the original page with...
  20. Hopei

    Furry youtubes, I'm lookin' for some

    I've been watching a few like artimis wishfoot, culturally F'd, monkey jones, kothorix, genesius wolf, 2 gryphon, Pocari roo ect. that I've realy enjoyed. Are their more out their along the same vein of comedy or informational videos? Maybe otherwise fun?