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  1. F

    Xbox One furries?

    I got away from xbox due to personal issues, but my friend Jeremy/Dar'rassi @Jkitty almost has wifi, and is looking for fur friends. He would've posted this himself, but he forgot his login info. If you're interested, add him and he'll add you eventually. Here's more info. (Xbox one) Gamertag...
  2. T

    Xbox One - Overwatch/Rocket League/Etc.

    Lookin for people to play with cuz I'm super bored this summer as I wait to start college. So hmu at ThaConk, also mention you're from FA if you do otherwise I might ignore you.
  3. Xing Tian

    looking for GTA 5 furs!

    hello anyone reading this! This may be rather sudden but I'm looking for three to four good PS4 GTA furs who would like to join me every once and awhile as Associates who may want some in game cash :3 we can even do some heists too :3 if you have questions messege me here My PS4 name is...
  4. M

    Looking to have fun. (Xbox One)

    I play Gta quite a bit and I'm just looking for people to do heists and races and whatnot. Just general dicking around. My gamertag is MotaRessu, and I lead a pirate crew called The ShimmyShammies.