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  1. Tyll'a

    Starting a furry themed guild in SWTOR!

    I've been wanting to start a furry themed guild for a while now, and I finally decided to pull the trigger on that! This is on Star Forge server, Republic side. <Clan of Cathar> Is a small, new RP/PvE/Social guild! We have a guild ship and small conquest, we are looking for more like minded...
  2. D

    Join my guild "Pact" in WoW

    Hello, I am making a guild on WoW called "Pact" and im inviting any interested parties to join. This guild is on Bonechewer-Gurubashi-Daggerspine-Hakkar-Aegwynn If you're interested in Joining My username is "Paw" Pandaren Alliance, you can Mail, Add, Whisper. Thank you :)
  3. G

    Phantasy Star Online 2 Furry Alliances/Guilds

    After playing the closed beta I can say with confidence that this game will be the 2nd game online game that I will continuously play until I "beaten it." Since then, I was wondering if I could make a human x anthro alliance, which is what guilds are called in this game, but I was too nervous...
  4. Neiot

    Looking for a fantasy/sci-fi roleplaying guild?

    ABOUT THE GUILD Kelacao - meaning "adventure" or "journey" in the Bojuren language - is the blanket term for our fantasy roleplaying guild. It is a guild where you can make new friends and sharpen your creative writing skills. Immerse yourself by creating original characters with which you can...
  5. Dominath

    Elder Scrolls Online Guilds in 2018

    Hey there guys! I haven't find any active threads about this question lately so I'd like to ask you here if any active TESOnline furry related guild exists on PC (EU) ? I'm new to the game and would be really nice to get friends and also if someone helps me with stuff like where should I go for...
  6. P

    Monster Hunter World Squads (Team up with other furs)

    Hey~! Surprised no one has posted this yet! :o In Monster Hunter world you can create and join squads to be able to group up and hunt together. So why not make some furry squads and join some like minded individuals who love hunting monsters (or being hunted by monsters ;P) So chat it up on here...
  7. Eifriet

    No longer relevant thread

  8. D

    World of Warcraft furry guild!

    EDIT: The guild has disbanded due to lack of people.
  9. ModHyro

    Kingdom hearts unchained guild

    Hey guys, I'm running a party on the snake union if anyone wants to join! Just leave your friend ID Below. :3