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  1. FoxWithAName

    I have an unusal idea (Protogen Guitar)

    Hear me out, I need a project, something to do or I will eventually go insane... I picked up my Guitar again and looked and the head had an also familiar shape. I imagined how a protogen head on a guitar would look like and it struck me, did anyone done this before. I searched a bit and I could...
  2. Chomby

    Request: Wanna draw this spooky dude this Spooktober?

    Hiya! This here is a character I created on a website called heroforge! He doesn't have a name yet but he already has some substance as far as personality and way of living is concerned. He died as a human hiker in the woods in the 19th century. He came back undead after several years, and...
  3. Faunosaurus

    Looking for new guitar effects processing

    Howdy boys, it's been quite a while since I've been around. I've been playing guitar on and off since I was 13, and from then until now I've been using a shit Line 6 Spider amp. I was good back then, not quality wise but just situationally, since I could get my cruddy metal distortion and have...
  4. Kioskask

    Owww... any suggestions?

    I just decided to stop being lazy and learn the guitar, so I now have one and I'm attempting to learn basic chords. There's only one problem... it feels like I've slammed my fingertips in several doors, is there anyway to stop my fingers from being that painful when playing??