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  1. TyraWadman

    Unbeatable Habits

    Mine is biting my nails. :( No amount of nail polishes or verbal threats could get me to ever stop. I just keep 'feeling them growing' and I hate it. I have enough self control not to do it where it's icky though, like when I'm at work. What's yours?
  2. Guifrog

    How do you eat cake?

    It seems I got somebody really surprised after telling them it's commonplace to eat slices of cake with our hands in my part of the world. I mean, sometimes there's napkins to complement, as with hamburgers. Say you have the knife, but not the fork. How do you eat it? I also wonder how people...
  3. Rap Daniel

    Weird Habits

    What's an unusual habit you have? I press 'ON' instead of 'AC' to clear my calculator.