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  1. DeadAccount

    Fur/Hair Flow

    I like to animate and I've been animating for about nearly 2 years but I still havent mastered hair/fur flow, does anyone know how to get better at it? Or does anyone know any tips or tricks for it? I appreciate any advice you can give me :3
  2. DreikaEru

    Creating Game in UE4 Irreal

    I am looking for a barber modeller to the team (small payment is possible)
  3. Starfursketches

    Color help?

    I'm currently finalizing colors for my sona, but I can't decide on a hair/mane color? (I'm working on a new ref but for now this is all I have www.furaffinity.net: My (bad quality) Fursona Ref~ by Starfursketches She's a maned wild dog/Hyena with a bone mask, fur colors are brown (dark brown...
  4. Raddy Fox

    I'm a FaD.

    Hi! I don't use forums often, but, why is this one not linked to the main site? Do most people just stick to FA's main site and ignore this place? Cause I'm new to both and have no idea how to get to know people. I've been in the fandom a few years, mainly stuck to social media sites because I...
  5. ColorfullCute

    How should I cut my hair?

    I want to cut my hair short. My hair is long right now but I want to cut it short now. I hate medium hair it's really weird why but I am not going to say because I may start rantting if I do this. I am a girl and I want to good short girl hair. hairs i have thought about: Bill cipher's hair...
  6. crystallinecanine

    Having a bad hair day...

    This is a unicorn partial I'm making currently but I am having trouble how to do the hair. I know a lot of makers use long pile fur for hair, but I want to use something that will keep it's shape. Maybe wefts or a wig?? I need some advice on what I should use and how I should do it. (I'm not...