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  1. driftingdragon


    So over the past few days, I've been experiencing terrible pain in my elbow. Broken glass is all over my house, cause I'm a dumbass, and I just thought it was one of those. TURNS OUT THOUGH, after several days of debating if it's a bad pimple or a splinter of glass. I decided to check it out...
  2. ShovelNose

    Oh hi Mark!

    Hello there this is my first post to the forums and I am nervous? I want to give a good first impression but the truth is I am a pervy little stoner that's super into hairy demon ladies. There! I said it! >_< Frankly I don't know where else to go with this micro/macro gentle femdom futa...
  3. T

    Muscle Daddy and His muscle worshipping son

    Looking for an RP partner who can be my muscle daddy whos into muscle growth, inflation, dom/sub, hyper masculine, hyper features, and c-vore. Looking to have a lot of fun with someone whos super open!