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hang out

  1. Legbascrossroad

    Local to AC/ Postcon Hangouts

    Hi everyone! After a few years of considering myself fur-adjacent I'm finally jumping in with both paws. I'm still working on finding/ building my 'sona, but I'm super attached to Dutchies. <3 Anyways, getting to the point. I can't make it to AC this year, as we're short-staffed at work. BUT my...
  2. Ra'ara Su'nai

    Where my PA furs?

    Trying to find some other furries in Pennsylvania to hangout with. Hit me up with a DM ^_^
  3. Kazama18

    Furries in UAE? Need furry friends

    Hey, this is my first thread . I'm 22 and a male. I live in Dubai I am looking for someone to hang out with, who lives in UAE ( Dubai, sharjah). You can DM me if interested, then I will give my discord there. Want to hang out with a fellow furry =) I have never talked or chated with a furry...