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  1. DeadAccount

    Compliment Game

    Soo, just an idea that I thought would be cool You have to compliment the person above you, you can compliment them on..whatever Their art, their pfp, their sona, personality- whatever the heck you want! XD Just wanted to spread some positive vibes :cool:
  2. T

    Tell me about something good that happened today!

    Something good happen today? Feel free to share! I love it when good things happen to people~. For me, I spent the day with my sister and my baby niece, I bought a beautiful wooden box and a Brita pitcher (with two new filters included) at the thrift store, and the honemade soup that I was...
  3. D

    Good Memories You Have In The Fandom

    So, I've been kind of a negative derg these past few months, and I have a habit of criticizing the furry fandom, more than saying what I love about it. I figured, I'd make something that changes that today. Basically, what good things have happened to you in the fandom? Meeting artists, making...
  4. D

    Videos that cheer you up

    Now and then all people feel down, unhappy, lack of enjoying things, or just upset about something. Sometimes a simple, heartwarming video, can make you feel much better. I'd like to see videos that you've seen that made you smile.
  5. D

    ☘️ Happy Saint Patrick's Day ☘️

    Wishing everyone a good day today, whether or not you celebrate this holiday, or how you choose to celebrate it, spiritually, festively, culturally or just appreciating the color green.
  6. Monosuki the Aurian

    More on Aurians and Monosuki

    Heya folks! I was wondering something. For those that may know the anime Fairy Tail, I have a sona who is a small blue cat, (colors will be revised soon) who looks awful close to happy. Just take my PFP for example. He's around three feet tall, is supposed to have cartoonish white and black...
  7. metatherat

    Rat video thread.

    Hello. I am Meta the rat, and I am here today to ask you one question: RATS?! I like rats a lot. We are truly the best animawl: cute, pointy, snuggly, curious, able to fire laser beams from our eyes. Let us all sit in a circle here on the forums and post nice rat videos. No un-nice rat videos...
  8. ThatProtoBoi

    Back Online!

    I may just have problems on my end, but I'm so excited that the forums are running along side the main art site! Hello world!
  9. Beetle the Minty Dragon

    Moments When You Were Proud To Be A Furry

    In response to FA being attacked twice now by the same guy who really hates furries, I decided to make this thread. What moment/story do you have that made you happy and/or proud to be a furry? For me, it was when I realized just how amazing the art community here is. I came from tumblr, and so...
  10. MadManx

    Tell me something good that happened today!

    Spread some positivity! Even if its small... its still something! Let others know.... maybe that positivity will spread to them too!
  11. Simo

    Poll: Choose a Species for Some Moron!

    Well, it's been far too long since @Some Moron has had a species, and it's time to put an end to it. After all, it is only kind, fair, and just that we end his wandering through the lonely geometrical landscapes of despair, and select a species for him. I didn't put an 'other' option, and...
  12. Rap Daniel

    Velociraptor Transformation?

    Can someone do a TF of a human(Any look) transforming into Rap? Sequence, startled at first, loves it at the end Pants get torn (Not completely off. Just a few big holes) but shirt survives Picture of Rap:
  13. RCFC_slim

    Newbie :)

    Been a passive observer of the community (not this forum specifically but in general) for over a decade now. And finally getting deeper and more personal into this very interesting subculture! Hope I can give back to one of the most welcoming communities on the internet with my writing and art...
  14. Gem-Wolf

    Happy News I just have to share!

    So I have been battling with my weight for nearly 9 years now. I gained the weight when I was put on anti-depressants, followed by pregnancy *cries* Long story short, no matter how hard I tried (including all the fad diets and excerise tips) I just got fatter and fatter. Infact, I got so big...
  15. Water Draco

    Just To Adorable

    OK this is a light hearted bring a smile to your face thread to post anything you like, that you have come across that is just far too adorable, cute, kawaii, sickly sweet.....
  16. ProjectDuska

    Expression Help?

    Hi! My name is Duska, and I'm new to this site, so I apologize if I'm doing something wrong. Anyway, for a while now, I've been having trouble drawing expressions on my animal characters. I'm not sure really what I'm doing wrong, but I can't achieve the correct facial expression in any of my...
  17. Ijaron


    hello everyone my name is norjia and i do samplemixing with magix music maker jam wich is an app for windows 10 and android it is pretty neat epecially when you know how to use it, i put a special track together in wich you can a change between depression and happyness! the description: with...
  18. bhutrflai

    Awwww!! That's so cute!!

    We can all use some good vibes every day!! So here's your chance to share those sweet moments with everyone!! To start... Sweet Sleeping Doggies!!
  19. A

    Requesting someone for a transformation sequence

    Hello there, So, I'm kind of new to this thing, not sure where to begin. But anyway, I was wondering if there is anyone out there willing to do a transformation sequence for free?
  20. mysticsonata

    hello everyone :3 im new

    so hi everyone! my name is mysticsonata or liam :) its nice to meet you all. i am hoping i can make some friends. ask me anything you like i am a open book :3