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harry potter

  1. beanie the sleepy kitty

    Assign the fur above you into a Hogwarts house.

    For the furs who enjoy Harry Potter books, movies or even both. Which one are they? Are they brave like a Gryffindor? Kind like a Hufflepuff? Intelligent like a Ravenclaw? Or, are they sly like a Slytherin?
  2. Rap Daniel

    FINALLY, my sona has more art!

    And FINALLY he's got his wizard apparel on! Art (c) Cheebo on the main site And look on the shoulder, @Guifrog!
  3. Cupid_Kitty21

    Hogwarts RP (open to anyone)

    Before any of this begins, vote for what the furry characters should be called (if you voted in the poll, you don't have to post an answer): 1: Filozoos (Greek for animal lovers) 2. Youvivos (Greek for Furry) 3: Gouninos (Also Greek for Furry) Rules: #1 Anyone can join in and you can either...
  4. Rap Daniel

    Is Rap a Muggle-born or a half-blood?

    He was created genetically at Jurassic World by the Muggles there, using half Raptor DNA and half human DNA. The human was a wizard(think Harry Potter) and now Rap is a third year at Hogwarts. But he still has no idea whether to call himself a half-blood or Muggle-born. Which do you guys think...
  5. Rap Daniel

    Request: My birthday is coming up soon again!

    The 16th of February! I'm just looking for anything of Rap! But here's a wishlist anyway incase you don't know what to draw! - A one page comic, showing Rap's struggle at Hogwarts to transfigure a teapot into a tortoise. - A reference showing him wearing his Hogwarts robes(Hufflepuff), and a...
  6. Rap Daniel

    The Hogwarts Blog

    Note for Muggles: Pure fiction So, we just got a new headmaster after Professor McGonnagall decided to retire, and he lifted the enchantment making Muggle devices go mental, so now I can post here! Here's what's happened during my last 3 years at Hogwarts! I was sorted into Hufflepuff I met...
  7. Rap Daniel

    Important Blogwarts change

    I'm going to restart it, because Rap learned things that he realistically shouldn't be allowed to learn until sixth year. Rap's only a first year! He shouldn't be able to Disapparate! So on Sep. 1st, I'll restart the blog from Rap's third year, and hopefully it'll stay accurate to the real...
  8. Rap Daniel

    Request: Rap in Hufflepuff robes practicing magic

    Any spell, just not dark ones. If it's the Patronus Charm, Rap has a Utahraptor Patronus. Pictures of Rap are in my gallery on the main site, where my name is AnkyloRen1. Take your time drawing it, I won't rush you! (|)w(|)
  9. Rap Daniel


    I GOT A LETTER! Guys! I got a letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! They invited me to learn magic! I'm so excited to arrive! I'm on the Hogwarts Express now. I really hope Draco's still enrolled so I can embarass him. He's such a brat! I've also been practicing a few simple...
  10. Rap Daniel

    Rap is going to Hogwarts! You choose which house he belongs in.

    Here's some personality info to help: Rap is a very kind and thoughtful Velociraptor, however is unfortunately feared by many humans, Muggles and wizards alike. He hopes to give Raptors a better name by learning magic to help people. He is very loyal, and hates only two men: Draco...
  11. Rap Daniel

    Should Rap learn magic?

    Should I let Rap learn magic at Hogwarts and post an in character blog about his experience or is he fine without magic? Also, where would such a blog belong?