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  1. D

    Main Site Blocking out newly created accounts for safety

    A hobby hazard I get as an ABDL artist is harassment, including false accusations of pedophilia. Recently, a few artists, a commission regular, and I have been constantly harassed by someone using a proxy to cover their tracks. This is a suggestion I have had in my mind for a long time to help...
  2. LizardKing05

    Candy and Fruit you HATE

    I saw a thread about "Candy You Love" and got the idea for this thread from that. I want to know 1 type of Candy + 1 Fruit you hate and why. Also post a pic if you want, I wanna see it :) I have a personal hatred for Licorice candy and cantaloupe. Licorice tastes like candy if it were made...
  3. VX666

    Furry Hate (Mail)

    Okay, so not sure how to approach this or where to post this so I'll start off here. Attn mods, please edit/move or do what you feel is appropriate. I searched online and surprisingly I found very little on "Furry Hate", I'm not sure if it's a thing but I found a few references to it. A bit of...
  4. R

    People have been bullying me for my art...? i don't think it's fair for people to hate

    so.. i hate to cause any drama.. and i won't list anyone who says anything.. but i've been having a lot of people bully me because of my art... they say my art style is too close to radywolfs art and that i should kms and stuff.. is it...? i don't know why.. but i've seen plenty of other...
  5. M

    Found a video of a guy claiming that furries are "the scum of the earth", is open for debate

    Title says all.
  6. JohannesburgFriedOil

    Kothorix's video made me stop being a furry.

    This video is being recommended to everyone on YouTube, and it not only made me leave the furry fandom but also hate it, not only because of the points in the video which I believe to be true, but the comments are full of anti-furries and are like "gas the furries" and "if furries want to be...
  7. Rosie Paws

    Let's talk about something.

    I am having a hard time fathoming the fact that this community is so hated. Most everyone in the furry fandom is generally so much more accepting than most people in any other fandom. It's quite sad people go out of their way to hate on someone for enjoying something as small as this.. Why do...
  8. I

    I hate it when......

    The rules are simple. Vent out your daily frustration by sharing something you dislike in this Godforsaken world and let others know they are not alone. I'll start. I hate it when the Wifi is slow when I'm using the forums.
  9. Skakuna

    Shoul I hope for my friend to become a furry? (READ THE POST FIRST PLZ)

    So. I have a friend who said she hates furries, because a couple years ago many of her friends were spamming her with furry porn. I can see how it could make her see that we all go to cons to have furry orgies and how all furries are bad and nasty. She knows me and our another friend are...
  10. mspheo

    Favorite and least favorite foods?

    I keep racking my brain for foods I don't like, because I literally love all foods under the sun, the more colorful it is, the better! (radishes, bell peppers, broccoli, etc.), from vegetables to tofu to french fries. <3 I can't stand canned spinach, however. Fresh/frozen? Totally okay! But...
  11. connortheskunk

    My friend is a spicy furry hater... help

    This one spicy boi I sit next to in my science class just texted me, "have you ever wondered the best way to kill a large group of people at once?" My reaction: o_Oo_Oo_O what are you on right now "no lmao" He responds: "go to a furry convention and spill ammonium in one place and bleach in...
  12. AustinB

    (Rant) Furry cringe compilations

    I never understood cringe compilations. For the most part, it's just people doing weird things that are completely harmless along with some other "cringy" stuff. Most cringe compilations aren't even that bad. Most people involved in cringe compilations aren't hurting anyone or doing anything...
  13. B

    War: What is it good for?

    I want to discuss something serious, on the subject of war and what could be seen as a just war. I am fiercely anti-war and I believe it doesn't solve problems, it only creates more. It also saddens and depresses me to see innocent lives lost in the name of war. We can talk, use words rather...
  14. Cobalteus

    What Would You Recomend

    Alright so I am not one of those people who ask about 'coming out as a furry' but I need help if my parents ever do find out. Because recently I have had some close calls with them finding out like when they needed to borrow my computer, which wouldn't be bad except my parents aren't the most...
  15. C

    I need help

    Okay so I became a furry a year ago but recently have gotten deeper into it. I have started drawing furry art (not porn I am not a fan of furry porn) and lately I have been drawing on the computer so I can post it on fur affinity. But there is one problem, my dad HATES furies. That wouldn't be...