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head shots

  1. PercyD

    (Commission) Selling: [Update]-- $5 Headshot Flash Sale! {Icons, Reactions, Telegram Stickers}

    I need some quickies and people need some headshots! I've decided to do a fun little shop! Check out the rules in the next post. An update: Dealing with a death in the family~. I'm pushing everything back about a week. As I still have some deadlines to meet, the sale is still going on and I am...
  2. KaiCoffeeCat

    5$ Flat color headshots and 10$ flat color minis for sale!

    Hello Everyone!! First off thanks for stopping by. Please read the following: Selling: -5 US $ flat color single character head shots. -10 US $ single character flat color mini's Info: - free minor changes are included things like ears, tail tip, nose etc... -1 major change is included (for...
  3. GlorfyProductions

    $25 Head Shot Commissions by a Professional Cartoonist

    Hi! I'm a professional digital artist & cartoonist and I'm opening commissions for fursona headshots. I'll make you a custom headshot of your fursona for $25. [slots taken: 0/5] The price is set and it'll take a week or less. Nice and simple. It'll be in the style of all my head shots (see...
  4. Spippy

    $5 headshots!

    Okay, first I just wanna apologize if this is messy or anything like that! Its my first time posting here..!! I currently have headshot commissions open! examples: (only have two sorry!!) Any species. Will always be fully shaded and backgrounds are optional (but will only be simple) If...
  5. MissMink

    Taking Requests to Help Me Improve! (CLOSED)

    Hey all! So it's been a while since I've drawn anthro art and I figured what better way to get back into the game, improve my portfolio, and hopefully make some new friends then offer some free art? :-D I guarantee absolutely nothing, but I hope to do some head shots/busts either as sketches or...
  6. K

    Sketch headshot commissions

    Hello! c: Open three slots of headshot sketch commissions. Any species. Examples www.furaffinity.net: Sketch gift by KaisarReitz www.furaffinity.net: Hecate by KaisarReitz www.furaffinity.net: Aya commission by KaisarReitz 13$ for PayPal (without fee) Just send me a note or comment...
  7. mildboy

    Mildboy's Spicy Artshop 50% off weekend sale!

    Updated commissions sheet!
  8. P

    Badges starting at $5

    Hi Im new here, a friend of mine recommend this site to me. Anywho.. I'm trying to save up to rescue an albino python, she's so beautiful and I just have to get her.
  9. MoebiousII

    REMINDER!YCH Valentine's Photo Booth [OPEN!]

    Hi Hi to all! Since is the count down for Valentine's day im Offering some cutey couple photo booth memories for you and your luved ones ;). Claim yours before the V-Day
  10. Pinsley

    Made a drawing I am super happy with

    I made this headshot comission for a peep on Facebook. It turned out so nice I just wanted to share it here. The piece itself: www.furaffinity.net: Fluffy foxxo by Pinsley
  11. MissLadyMeringue

    Miss Meringue's Art Bakery!

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Art Bakery! Currently, our head pastry chef Miss Meringue is accepting freshly baked customized commissions in two styles! CUPCAKES- $12 These sweets are customized, cell-shaded, headshots of your original character! Characters will only be from the neck up...