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  1. strawberryeater


  2. F

    SELLING Maned Wolf Fursuit (Head + Tail) - $200

    Hello. I bought this fursuit from a maker named North a number of years ago to go to a convention in Denver. I wore it to the convention and sporadically for photos, but I'd like to pass it on to someone who will make greater use of it. The species is a bit ambiguous, originally made as a "maned...
  3. Colorfuluwu

    Hello guys! I am opening commissions: headshot, bust, halfbody, fullbody, ref sheet, chibis, couples, any background, lineless, kemono, weapons, liter

    Hi OwO! I specialize in Kemono (Japanese Style) I can do almost anything! including NSFW or other style of art I hope you like it, here I leave my most recent works with the price list if you are interested. ✨ More examples: https://t.me/KarafuruGallery My price list ✨ Simple...
  4. M

    First fursuit head - to add whiskers or not to add whiskers

    Hello everyone! I am working on my first fursuit head and I have discovered people sometimes add whiskers to their fursuits. I have a feline head, which sounds like it could have whiskers. The question is: should I add them? What is your opinion on whiskers? Also, constructive criticism about...
  5. Trevorbluesquirrel

    Free Fursuit Head Raffle!

    Go enter now, closes Feb 20th! (22) TheKareliaFursuits on Twitter: "Today is my birthday and to celebrate I'm giving away a free fursuit head! Rules: Follow this account and retweet this tweet. Comment with your ref sheet. 10 candidates will be picked on February 20th and 1 winner will be...
  6. JuliyMiuliy

    (Commission) Selling: Commission headshots $25

    Headshot commissions open! PRICE: 25 USD SLOTS: 6 OPEN Payment after sketch via PayPal invoice Send me your reference (and emotion, if your prefer) in comments: www.furaffinity.net: Headshot commissions $25 by Juliy_Miuliy or note: Userpage of Juliy_Miuliy -- Fur Affinity [dot] net More...
  7. Feralteddy

    Show off your first fursuit VS your latest!

    I want to preface this with that there should be NO judgement here, everyone starts somewhere. I want this to be a positive thread showing how far you suit makers have come! This was the first one I ever made, I was 14 and matrices.net was a big inspiration to me so I used their guide. It...
  8. JuliyMiuliy

    (Commission) Selling: Headshot comms $18 (1slot $16)

    Hello guys My comms in new art style open now, I want to draw headshots, but you can commission me a half or fullbody too Headshots: 1 slot $16 2 slot $18 3 slot $18 Half: 1 slot $30 Fullbody 1 slot $40 Payment via PayPal after sketch (invoice) Me on FA: Userpage of Juliy_Miuliy -- Fur...
  9. kangabanga

    Any tips for backbalancing a behemoth characters horns?

    So I'm decently new to fursuiting, (I've worked making costumes for haunted houses and the sort, so I'm not new to the sewing and brushing fur out of seams) and I'm planning to attempt my first suit head. I'd like to do a behemoth, and the trouble I'm running into is the horns. I plan on...
  10. Camlovesdrawing

    Partial fursuit for sale, Comes with art!

    SELLING PARTIAL ! I TAKE PAYPAL ! Price : $550 for the whole partial! Characters Name : Pyro Characters Gender : Male Details about the suit: It's in good condition! Only been worn twice, there are no feet paws but there are fluffy paws and a tail and a head. The head is a little big on me but...
  11. M

    Papercraft masks

    Just ran across these cardboard mask templates. Seems like an interesting project with plenty of room for mods. www.etsy.com: Fox Mask | Mask Papercraft | Instant Download | Make Your Own Mask | DIY Printed Fox | 3D Mask Template | Polygon Mask Pattern
  12. Octopocalypse

    Fox head base

    I was trying to make a wild cat for some leopard printy fur I have but ended up making a pretty nice fox snout I now dont want to shave down This is the base so far: And this is the fur I currently have: Wondering if anybody would be interested in buying this guy when hes finished? If youre...
  13. M

    Ventilation fans

    I've never suited, or built a suit before for that matter, but Im good with electronics and have spare fans. How much of a difference do those little pc fans make for cooling a suit head?
  14. M

    Time to give it a go.

    Well... I ended up stopping at Jo Anns and Surplus store on my way home and this happened. Figure it's time to try my hand at this. LOL
  15. S

    If I make fursuit head with fake fur and fake plants (half animal half plant)...

    Would the costume still be considered a furry? Can I still go to conventions with my animal/ plant head part of the costume? I attached what it looks like so far below. I need more foam and glue so far. It's at its beginning stages.
  16. SlugSnail

    (Commission) Selling: YCH - 4 Anime Headshots $5 -$8

    I will do 4 Headshots of your OC or your favorite anime tv/movie characters PAYPAL ONLY! Flat Color- $5USD Cel-Shade - $8 USD -I CAN DRAW- Anime Male or Female Human Anthro Whenever you ready to order, please send me a note with your reference sheet. SEE MY EXAMPLES -SLOTS- Headshot #1...
  17. Saltamor

    Open Commission. 2 Slot

    Hi:) I'm open to the commission. I draw everything and can fulfill almost any of your orders in excellent quality :) My works you can see on the link below or in the price list :) My prices are very flexible, write to PM for clarification. If the prices are too high, I can pick something more...
  18. Mentita-cato

    Fullshaded Headshots! $15

    Hi! i'm makin fullshaded headshots for only $15! -I can do any species! Human, furry, pony.... -Payment firts! -Paypal only! -Time: 1-4 days! EXMAPLES
  19. Roxirin

    Making my first fursuit head (need some advice/feedback please :) )!

    Hi all! I've been slowly making my first fursuit head over the last few months (very slowly, I've been taking a lot of art commissions and that takes up a lot of time X) ), and I wondered if I might be able to get some feedback on it and some advice? A few things I feel I need to fix but I'm...
  20. Hazelmere

    $20 Shaded Headshots!

    Hey everyone! I've lately been enjoying drawing expressions, and I'm now selling headshots/icons for $20! This is an example of the type of icon you would receive: You can see more examples of my work at Artwork Gallery for Hazelmere -- Fur Affinity [dot] net, and as of now I have unlimited...