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  1. Cuberry

    Quotes/commissions open for head/partial! Come see! <3

    Userpage of Cuberry-Suits -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Userpage of Cuberry-Suits -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Userpage of Cuberry-Suits -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I'm open for partial and head only quotes! HMU!! They will start at a base of $300 for heads and $450 for a partial (head, hand paws, and...
  2. sanssoucistudios

    Zipper Installation Methods?

    So I've been plugging away on my sophomore head build. I have a punch list of improvements I want to make from my last head, and one of them is the zipper in the hood. The one in my first head came out pretty good, it is very functional and easy to use, but I wish it had less bulk/stiffness...
  3. sanssoucistudios

    Hand Sewing vs Machine Sewing- thoughts?

    I'm working on my second head, and one of the improvements I want to make over my first head is fur that fits more closely to the resin base, so it obscures its form less. (Here's pics of my first head: <a href="Meet Max, the very first furry mask made by Sans Souci...
  4. Guilleum2

    Moving Jaw vs Not?

    I'm curious to know why fursuiters choose whether or not to have a moving jaw in their head. Is the opposable jaw annoying after a while? Does it hurt? Or are non-moving heads just easier to make/wear? I've never made/worn a fursuit before...Enlighten me!
  5. furryfilth

    How to draw Dutchies?

    I've been experimenting with my DAD Tofu and I'm wondering if anyone knows of quick shape bases (circles and lines and shit) for drawing anthro dutchies? I can manage the heads pretty well from the side with two circles but I have a hard time proportioning the shoulders and arms. Any advice is...
  6. C

    Doing busts/head drawings

    Doing art of your fursona's head! I accept anything canid, I might accept something feline. Please note that I will not draw heads that are all white, as you will get something very poor if I try to make one. I'm unavailable on the first 3 days of the week, so if you give me a request, expect it...
  7. Steriiyo

    Matrices Foam Tutorial>Help

    Hello! I got foam and I'm making the foam base for my fursuit head. I'm having trouble understanding how to do this part: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Here is the link for the tutorial...