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  1. doodlecat021618

    headshots commissions 5-19$ (OPEN NEED)

    examples below art by me character belongs to GigaBit 3 hours really need to get commissions I'm saving up for a comicon this month payment is through paypal
  2. FedeMexy-Art

    FedeMexy-Art COMMISSIONS: sketch, ink, colors and more!

    •Hi everyone! My commissions are OPEN! :D :D :D Feel free to contact me! <3 :D The payment is made once the basic sketches are approved. ;)
  3. PabloKickasso

    Full Body, Full Colour (New Member Sale $25) 10 slots available

    Hi All! Since I'm new to Fur Affinity I wanted to kick off with a mini sale. Usually I'd be charging $45 for my full body characters, but for my first 10 requests I'll charge $25! This covers any pose, any species, any oufit! A full expanded list of commission options will become available...
  4. BipolarWolfy

    Ych Commissions Starting at $10

    I will start off with selling one YCH headshot. i do have more if you are interested! Please stick to it being a canine. $10 Flatcolor EX: $25 Shaded +$5 Name Added YCH OPEN!
  5. SatynaPaperArts

    Headshots commission open!

    Hi!^^ 3 slots are open. If you want the slot - write comments or private messages on the FA Userpage of satynapaper -- Fur Affinity [dot] net It's gouache on paper + postprocessing in PS.
  6. Lousie

    Canine/Feline Headshot Commissions OPEN (7-25 €)

    Hello! I'm currently open for commissions of this type: (digital) lineart canine/feline headshot/head&bust (uncolored) -price: 7-10 € -Price depends on complexity of character and owner's requirements- negotiable :) -choice of expression available -choice of lines' color available - Example...
  7. gokusan

    Taking Commissions

    I'm currently taking commissions for the following. Bust/Headshot: $10.00 USD Fullbody Flatcolor: $15.00 USD Fullbody Shaded: $20.00 USD Base price is single character only. Additional characters in same image are +$5.00 each. I can do any species and they may be anthro or feral...
  8. LuciferKat

    5/6$ Headshots!

    Hi everybody! I'm doing a few commissions of this kind of headshots/avatars: The price will usually be 5$, but if the design is super complicated it could be 6$ Cats are what I usually draw, and I can try wolves/dogs too. Whatever, don't be afraid to ask if I can draw your character^^...
  9. S


    Hi buddies! I'm saving to buy a pin maker machine! I want to make some pins for the next convetion on my city so if you can help me I'll be so glad! I'll open 10 slots for this! and just for 25 euros! [27$] This is an example! http://fav.me/d9sg8cn Send me an email if you're interested...