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  1. Bluefiremark II

    Give the user above you a new height.

    As the title says, give a new height. So say I'm 6'7", then you could say oh.. 3ft 1In. (3'1") you can be as big as you possibly want, even going beyond planetary sized, or as small as you want, microscopic even. Give the user above you a new spot on that spectrum that you think would be a...
  2. TheHappySpaceman

    Help with Character Design: Body Proportions and Clothing

    Hi! So for those of you who haven't read my previous thread, I'm creating a webcomic centered around two anthropomorphic cat sisters going to college. Right now, I'm struggling with their designs and could use some help from other anthro artists. The two main characters are Cass and Mae. Cass...
  3. L


  4. P

    Fursona height extremes

    So, I've noticed a lot of fursonas being either really tiny, like 4'5", and I've seen even more fursonas being massive, like 7'-10'. I know there are cases of people being either giant or tiny, but I doubt all these people are really this size in real life. I personally plan on making mine my...